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Mia_Lissa  Germany ^^ Lynx / Fox / (Kitten) ^~^ Also love Dragons, Cosplays <3 Artist 🎨 I'm designing gear references if interessted simply DM me ^-^ πŸ’•

I put them a litte more down on the headband now ^-^ And I couldn't love them more! They are incredibly soft and I really just can't stop touching them x3
I love these so so so much πŸ’•
If you wanna see the unboxing it will be up to watch in my story for the next 24h ^-^
Sam if you see that you are awesome and these ears are the most beautieful I have ever owned!! You work so hard and the outcome is always more beautieful than words could even describe itπŸ’•πŸ˜!!!
Ly so so much @hoshiikins❀
And I put the @little.lycan pin on my Bag now and I'll enjoy cariing it around even more from now on ^-^ 🐾
#hoshiikins #lynxears #lynx #lynxplay #kitten #kittenplay #kittenplaygear #kittenplaycommunity #petplay #pet #petplaygear #littlelycan #pin #100%kitten

Made a Make up test for my OC cosplay that I will wear at the MPS next Saturday ^-^ (makeup done by my amazing Sister @melina_2706)
horns by @tinkercast.official
#dragon #nymph #opal #dragoncosplay #nymphcosplay #cosplay #horns #mps #mpsfestival #ginger

Was tagged by @cloverlenrose and @brown.eyed.kitsune so here we go ^^
1. @cloverlenrose ^-^
2. 100%
3. I'm taken and I love him and noone else πŸ’•
4. Sometimes Kitty but my name is so short a nickname doesn't even make sence x3
5. Night in!
6. Crawling by Linkin Park ;-;
7. Don't have one (I have a Doulbe Name so it count as one Name ^^)
8. In the arms of a loved person (and the not so cute one: in my bed x3)
9. 168 cm
10. I am afraid of dogs!
11. Nope I'm not talented in such things ^^"
12. Nothing I wanna talk about...
13. Lil tired cause I just woke up ^^
15. Geek i guess
16. Cats (makes sence according to 10.) :D
17. Dark redish ginger Kind of color ^^
18. I like a lot of songs but if I had to choose I would take "In the End" ~Linkin Park or "Worng side of heaven" ~FFDP
19. I think I liked the "Tatort" a lot ^^
20. (Black but that is no color x3) And apart from that I love ice blue and a lot of really dark colors (deep red, navi blue etc.)
21. My Boyfriend ^^ ❀
22. Getting to know my Best friend it was the first Girl who accepted me as I am ;-; πŸ’•
23. Can't decide xD I love food in general and what I like depends on my mood xD
24. Android!

Sry did not find 20 People so if you never heared from me and you are tagged feel free to do that Tag but you might not know me ^^"

Your hoods are πŸ‘Œ #bloodluxx @blood_luxx Entry 3

Got the grey ones with the tufts *-* I'm overwhelmed by happynes πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• Thank you to everyone who helped me get these :3
And thank you for your amazing work @hoshiikins I can't wait to get them *-*πŸ’•πŸ’• #hoshiikins #lynxears #lynx #lynxplay #kitten #kittenplay #kittenplaygear #kittenplaycommunity #petplay #pet #petplaygear

Next day next entry ^-^ #bloodluxx @blood_luxx
Entry 2

Thank you for the opportunity ^-^ πŸ’•
These look great ^-^ @mallowpuppy #mallowpuppygive4

Thank you so much for the opportunity I love your creations ^-^ first discovered you cause of @brown.eyed.kitsune so thank you both ^-^ @blood_luxx #bloodluxx
Entry 1 πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

Already posted this but I want to enter the #unnaturalspecialgiveaway with this ^'^ I would add some Piercings if I would win but these were the first ears I ever designed and the Opal is my birthstone + I love plugs in ears and since lynx ears are not the easiest to find and I am a lynx It would be awesome to get them made and these are also one of my dream ears cause it was the first Design that just came from my heart and inspired me to start drawing ^-^ πŸ’•
I would love these to become real so @unnaturalcreatures I hope I am lucky enough :D

These ears make me feal like a real lynx they are soooo gorgeous *-* You did a great job @ateliercreatura thank you so so much ^-^πŸ’• #lynx #ears #ateliercreatura #kittenplay #petplay #petplaygear #kittenplaygear #lynxplay #fluffy #fluffycat

Just finished my first commision for @miraclelilpie ^-^ It really was fun to work with her and bring her idea to life ^-^ I am also thinking about changeing my name or making an separate art Account, what do you think what should I do ^-^?
***Please don't steal my art*** It will upset me and my customer!!!! #art #commission #drawing #kitten #ears #tail #purple #black #bow #kittenplay #petplay #petplaygear #kittenplaygear #hoshiikinsΕΊ

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