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Hello Texture #texturetuesday My Clients are Fabulous 🔥

I Educate my Clients on their hair care. I want them to maintain what I create at the salon. Hard Work pays Off

💟 Hello Fabulous 💟

Today was a first for me in my Career. One of My Dearest Clients reached out to me and @vida_devacurl about cutting all of her hair off while undergoing Chemo. I don’t know if Honored is the right word but I felt that way. To be given the trust to do something like this for her, since the doctors told her she will definitely lose her hair. She has such a positive attitude in life and a great prognosis from her doctors🙏🏻❤️ I gave her a fabulous longer tapered look and she looked beyond amazing and felt fabulous.In a few weeks we maybe need to go even shorter possibly buzzing her hair off. The most wonderful thing is she is sending her hair to be made into a halo wig for herself to Chemodiva.com. We had some laughs, definitely shed some tears and I did feel very emotional but was just in awe of the strength and positivity. Her friends were with her as well and I told them how amazing they are to be by her side through all of this. I wish everyone fighting this disease the strength to keep fighting and keep that positivity. And for my Client I Truly Value our Relationship and whenever you need me I will be here❤️Love You and love our Dream Team

Happy New Years my Loves

✌🏼2018 #best9

Hair Pics on Hair Pics #lastcutoftheyear

Merry Christmas my Loves #lovemypointsettia🌺🎄

Awww I match the cupcakes Merry Christmas 🎁🎄

Wishing My Fabulous Clients a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season. Thank you for your generous gifts I appreciate you All beyond measures. I cannot wait to enjoy my Gifts and Goodies. I’m Blessed to have such beautiful loving clients ❤️🌲🙏🏻

Now it’s Vida’s Turn #lovemygirl

When your Client cancels you squeeze your Holiday Highlights In @vida_devacurl love my Vida ❤️🌀#lifeofahairdresserindecember

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