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Mia Stacy  💖 Makeup artist, photographer, pan/poly/gender fluid, bone collector/vulture culture, glitter lover, hiking fan, forest witch, princess, normal boy. 💖


The weirdest part of not wearing my contacts in a photo is trying to come to terms with my own face. My eyes seem strangely small and wild and it’s so unfamiliar to me even though it is me. I just don’t really recognize myself. #strangeandunusual #eyes #floral #edit

Bear got me a new mug for my mug collection :3 #hellokitty #mug #sanrio #cute #collector #cutecollector #kawaii #adorbs #gift

Just because I like this edit :3

No filter, just me and this doggo. Bear took us to the country house today to paint and start my body barn there with the romantic gift he got me and we hung out and enjoyed the afternoon and the storm that rolled in. He makes every day better. #nofilter #doggo #alldoggosaregooddoggos #afternoon #workingtowardthefuture #smile

Bear is soooo romantic! Whether it’s slow dancing under the stars on the side of a mountain or running out at 10:30 at night to pick me up the perfect piece of roadkill and the stuff needed to properly care for it, he’s the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me. ❤️❤️❤️ #inlove

I know people have probably noticed that I’ve become really withdrawn over the last year since the end of my marriage and continue to be more so as time goes by. I haven’t given much explanation either, not that I’m required to, but I guess it couldn’t hurt. Obviously, my current relationship is pretty serious and we’ve lived together for quite a while now, but we’re considering moving to his smaller country house away from the city and so that people don’t know where we live any more. I’m also not only working on animals and occasionally photos for friends, but as of next week I’ll be reopening my shop in 17 Antiques downtown. I met with the owner today to confirm everything and sign off on it all. On top of all this, we’ve been getting Trey ready for graduation and Alex has been taking on advanced classes. Add to that, I’m not a social person by choice and I need a lot of “recovery time” in between visits or social outings or I start to fall apart emotionally, and you can see why I’ve been so hermit-y. #blackandwhite #girlswithtattoos #lights #bokeh #busywiveswithbusylives #movingforward

Wandering the woods behind the Bear’s house and making use of golden hour light :3 #random #selfie #gratuitousselfie #light

Random selfie while waiting at the bank :3 #random #pinhead #hellraiser #rosegoldhair #warmweather

Smoked butterscotch #frappuccino because Bear always knows how to make my day better :3

My sleep schedule has me feeling somewhere between crying, falling apart, and death. So, how about all three this morning! Being multiple people’s alarm clock is so hard because I sleep in strange hourly increments if at all. #sleepingdisordermadeworse #death #ineedsleep #letmesleep

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