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Nguyễn Lâm Thảo Tâm 🐚💫  "The sky had never seemed so sky; The world had never seemed so world." 👁• C o r a l i n e • 👁

Các bạn đợi mình đến tháng 11, nhé! ❤️

I asked them how clouds kissed buildings.
One saw them only when they were trapped between mountains.
One side-eyed as they dissapeared.

#tb to pre-exams. Why was I so bright and happy??

Bức hình cuối cùng với đôi hia đỏ em yêu nhất cuộc đời này. Dạo gần đây Tâm ghiền boots, và đôi này là đỉnh của đỉnh luôn. Nhưng mà... gãy gót rồi...

The problem with croptops is that I can't stop buying them. At all. Like I gotta stop. But :/

Mission unlocked: Save up for a getaway trip with your buddies! Award: mental serenity! (Extra pretty pictures may or may not be included in package)

Em chị. Chị thương em nhất.

I obsess over two things: windows, and plates.

It's autumn, but does it feel the slightest bit like it? No, no it does not. 🌴

Need to eat veggies to be healthy but need money to buy veggies. And thinking of money alone makes me feel unhealthy :)

I could go for a drive right about now.

These are called Bánh Xèo tacos, a.k.a the way to mi corazón 🌮

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