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Maverick Bohn  Random Jedi, Vlogger, and Disney fan! Camera in hand, I enjoy sharing my experiences with those around me.

The look I give to anyone considering spoiling #AvengersEndgame tonight. Don’t ruin it. Captain’s orders!

One year ago today I went to @disneyland with my work friends to say goodbye to our department and our roles. It was the beginning of a very challenging time and being able to say goodbye and have fun with these people really made all the difference in the world. I don’t talk to many of you, and wherever you are, I hope you’re doing wonderful things! Here’s to you guys! #TBT

Missing Leia! This extremely exclusive Pop Figure has a new home. The things you do for the con! @starwarscelebration

Just me, myself, and I to get by.

I can’t wait for you all to go on this adventure. Assemble this weekend for @avengers #ThanosDemandsYourSilence

Sand, the true Star Wars villain! @starwarscelebration

The Trilogy to End All Trilogies! @starwarscelebration @jasonpalmerart

Wearing my @heruniverse Rey tee with pride today. Excited for what’s ahead and not letting myself get weighed down by what’s behind me.

My pass lives! It’s good to be back! @disneyland

Adventure has a name! Flashback to my honorable Indy mention at @starwarscelebration

Here’s looking at a bright new weekend!

The Saga Begins! One of the coolest moments at @starwarscelebration

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