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Maverick Bohn  Random Jedi, Vlogger, and Disney fan! Camera in hand, I enjoy sharing my experiences with those around me.

The Trilogy to End All Trilogies! @starwarscelebration @jasonpalmerart

Wearing my @heruniverse Rey tee with pride today. Excited for what’s ahead and not letting myself get weighed down by what’s behind me.

My pass lives! It’s good to be back! @disneyland

Adventure has a name! Flashback to my honorable Indy mention at @starwarscelebration

Here’s looking at a bright new weekend!

The Saga Begins! One of the coolest moments at @starwarscelebration

Special shoutout to the entire @starwars team for their incredible work at this year’s Celebration! You’re the real heroes of the galaxy!

Rise of Who Again? @starwarsmovies

Until next time @starwarscelebration

Celebration Chicago comes to a close. See you all in Anaheim for Star Wars Celebration 2020! @starwarscelebration

Extremely thankful for @starwarscelebration recognizing #ThePhantomMenace This film is what started Celebration, gave a whole new generation their gateway to Star Wars, and continues to live on as a classic staple in the hearts of many fans. Yes, it’s not the most popular, it has its haters, but it’s wonderful to come together and recognize that little space movie from 1999. Thank you!