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MHM  Colorado pack company creating adventure inspired, user defined backpacks for life's endeavors. | Packs. Elevated.™ | Tag your adventures: #MHMgear

Perk number 109 of being a #coloRADo based company. This dang place right here.
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On a recent road trip, ambassador @jonlivesoutside found out that the Black Canyon Of The Gunnison is indeed blacker than his soul.
Time to listen to some more Nine Inch Nails dude!

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Alright folks, it’s Friday. We successfully made it to the end of the week. Summer is almost in full gear. Where will you play this weekend?

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Grab your best brohams and get to the mountains. Whether you’re a Brohatma-Ghandi kinda fella or a Baberaham Lincoln chick, the Salute is the pack for you.
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Is there anything better than camping with your pooch? Camping with your pooch for a long Memorial Day weekend. Ruby is eyeing up the Salute and having major pack envy. Do you have pack envy? Well, take advantage of our Memorial Day sale. Now thru 5/29 take 20% off any of our packs. Use code ‘MERICA! And get yourself 20% off! #adventuretime
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The late great Chris Farley once said he lived “In a van down by the river”. Driving around Colorado you might spot a lot of people living out that great fantasy. Me? I’ll take this shack somewhere in Iceland over a van any day.
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Damn, it’s looking mighty springy all around this US of A. Thanks for the snap @beauriebe ! Dragons Toof, Virginia. Happy Friday! Leave us a comment and let us know where you’re adventuring this weekend.
Pack: Switch 26

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Whoa stoked for the May snow! @jonlivesoutside took the day to explore some of our beautiful state. Are you stoked for steep spring lines or just ready for those dang wildflowers?

Pack: Salute 34
📷 @dededenali
Location: Rocky Mountain National Park.
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Who’s looking forward to summer!? Here’s our #tbt to a glorious summer day at the top-o Colorado! We helped to raise some funds for @big_city_mountaineers and got to climb Colorado’s tallest peak. We hope to see you out on the trail soon!

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Whoops, we forgot our obligatory #Earthday post. We were too busy enjoying all that pretty nature stuff to look at our phones. So, to commemorate Earth Day here is a dude with a beard fishing. Doesn’t get much earthier than that right? 📷 @nikotoearth
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Huge shout out to the crew of @findingtrapperlake they took the Salute deep into the Pacific Northwest for an unlikely adventure. Keep an eye out for some great content from them.
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Rocko says, share the summit with someone special, you know, like us.
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