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When michael states that his party trick is being able to lift up 3 girls at the same time. Us being us decide to fucking do it. First hurdle me and sophie both jump into his hands and we all fall...Michael: “who the fuck jumped?” Soz not me. We got there eventually x

the difficulty of getting a back camera photo part 2

when ur tryna get one of those cute candid off guard photos but that just ain’t you so end up creasing with Emily at my stupidity instead xxx looking down at the floor in shame x

being this cute just comes naturally, dm for tips and hints on how to be this cute. £10 deposit

promo for the best bar in Moriara plus our gal angyyyy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

if I could rate me marras outta 10 it would be 1000000. PURE LOVE THEM 🧡 my lil bababoooooshkas xxxxx

just me posing next to something I’ll never have xxx (gotta look back at it)

the best lil secluded beach with the best company 🧡

paella with a view ☀️

ohhhhh yessss beach day beach day

Guess who’s a shit mate and was dying all of yesterday and forgot to publicly wish my long life friend a happy 21st bloooody birthday!! ❤️ Happy birthday to the gal who is just as crazy and fucked as me (I will love you always for that my lil session buddy) 🤡 18 years of friendship has done us real real good and I wouldn’t change an absolute thing!! I love youuuu man and everything about you! 🌍 Constant funny stories and laughter with’re a wee treasure and I appreaciate you always me lil mush mush 👯‍♀️ Can’t wait to spend the next few days with you (and @emzawazza) on holllidayyyyyy 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️ LOVE YA SO MUCH XOXOXOXOXOXOX sorry it’s late hope u forgive me xxx

The difficulty of getting a back camera photo part 1

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