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feeling a bit weird to be back in my city, hearing everyone speaking and everything written in our language (it's quite like the time when i first came back from the states when i was little) i'm feeling myself somewhat different than what i used to be a few wks ago and also i'm forgetting so many things like where did i put things and what i was doing here and so on..

first flush tea time, the other afternoon.. maybe, all i hav to do is.. just jump in ! there was so many tiny little things that i wouldn't know if i didn't even jump in !!!!!!

during the morning swim earlier this spring..

the sunset is so beautiful here every evening ♡







もともと方向感覚にはものすごく自信がある方だったのに、先週末くらいからびっくりするくらいに急に方向感覚がおかしくなっちゃったみたいで、なんだかきもちわるいかんじ.. 余計な情報に逆にとらわれちゃいがちなのかなぁ..

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