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Marcia Gay Harden  Support National parks. End Alzheimers. PRE-ORDER MY BOOK (link below) audio: @audible_com and @googleplaymusic

At the car wash #bluewave just discovered the massage chair. #noshame

“Seasons of My Mother” Book Tour News!
NEW YORK book tour dates are filling up fast.
Hudson Union Society event is full capacity, but Strand Book Store event is still open. Join me in NY if you are able.
#seasonsofmymother #seasonsofmymotherbook #endalz #mothersday

Women’s work. #filmmakers @eastersealssocal #eastersealsfilmchallenge 55 hr film. Each of us a working mom, coming together to produce, hire, write, cast, and organize their village. #teamwork great job ladies! @veslemoey_zwart @monkitamamma @amyhopper3 #bestenemiesfilm #bestenemies

“They always make fun of me” @emily.hopper says. That was an ad lib from the heart. 55 hr #eastersealsdisabilityfilmchallenge @eastersealssocal Raising #awareness #makingfriendswithdisability #BestEnemiesfilm. Watch it on this link (u cant just tap but have to type it in... Ergh). Bravo Emily. @emily.hopper @amyhopper3 @monkitamamma @kinginthekitchen @haraldjzwart @lizziehopper_ @julittascheel @hudson_makeup @veslemoey_zwart @stella.zwart @tennessee.king

When your bro in law visits over weekend, and mistakes your golden guy for Golds gym guy. 🤪. Loved having u @jcopleypeyton #oscars

Super grateful to my friend @nanaworldjazz for donating music to my audiobook #seasonsofmymother . @atriabooks I’ve known Nana since I was 16 living in Greece, and we became besties while attending college. #DereePierce. She began playing music, often Joan Armatrading and Joni Mitchell, and went on to become one of our jazz greats, playing w Charlie Haden and a slew of other legends. Nana plays a unique blend of #worldmusic, using sitar, bouzoki, digiridoo, koto, guitar, and lots of other cool instruments. And her voice. Pure and sweet. She has known my family, she knows my mom, and her music brings it all together - introducing the audio tape, you feel the travels and adventure that are about to come. Thank you Nana!!

@emily.hopper shares what was great about doing her film #bestenemies for @eastersealssocal #disabilityfilmchallenge. She will #inspirechange, #raiseawareness and teach us all to embrace each other despite #disability. I had to post the whole interview in two segments, In this half Emily is pretty chipper about the film. In the first half, she talks candidly about how hard it was to tell a story so true to her life. She adlibbed a line in the film...”mom, they always make fun of me...” as we were getting out of a car. She included a line where a girl teases her, saying she “looks like a robot”. Listen to Emily talk about the difficulty in the interview posted before.

@eastersealssocal #inspirechange #disabilityfilmchallenge #bestenemies post show interview w @emily.hopper. This is the beginning of the interview, and @emily.hopper shares how tough it is sometimes because kids pick on her everyday. People make fun of what they don’t understand, and Emily drew on her own life experiences to create the dialogue in this film. This interview starts very candidly, Emily said it was hard to do at times because it was so true to her life. Emily had shared earlier in the day that she just wishes people would talk to her about her #disability rather than make fun of her or judge her. Instagram only let me share a minute, so please listen to the rest of the interview - also posted, where Emily shares how great she felt about today and filming. She was a great improv actor btw! Hope to see her in more films!

People often make fun of what they don’t understand. @emilyhopper and @tennessee.king are here to say “that hurts”. @eastersealssocal #bestenemiesfilm #inspirechange. #disabilityfilmchallenge.Emily and Chris Plain wrote the script, and the neighborhood jumped in. W @haraldjzwart directing and @kinginthekitchen shooting, @stella.zwart AD, and w the help of school chums and sis Lizzie, the completed film was done over the weekend. #inspirechange

@eastersealssocal #disabilityfilmchallenge. Thx to all the crew, and a special shout out to my kids @hudson_makeup for doing the makeup and @julittascheel for participating. @emily.hopper and family galvanized a group of friends #shackinthewoodsproductions to come together to make this film, highlighting the need for awareness. People often make fun of what they don’t understand, and isolate the person w disability. Emily says “that hurts.”

Great Saturday working w @emilyhopper on #disabilityfilmchallenge @eastersealssocal. Emily gathered a group of friends, parents, and school chums and in basically a weekend, made a short film. Wrote/shot/and edited, all to bring awareness to people living with disability, honoring their journey.

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