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Melinda Duritsa 

4yrs to the day!

It generally takes me 15-20min to drive home (maybe a little longer today due to traffic and weather conditions) but I thought I’d take a quick time lapse video of my commute home. It’s not super exciting, so next time I’ll take Lake Shore Drive to get a nice view of downtown.😜

Planning and making goals for 2019, thanks to my awesome Passion Planner!

Scout’s current status.

Sweet little lap cat.

Go to Google and listen to these 5 Veterans stories. Fascinating!

I should say this out loud to myself every single day.

Oh Happy 5th Birthday to this guy!
Duke Meowington Duritsa!
Ok...we really don't know if today is his actual birthday, but we DO know that this was the day (4yrs ago) that he entered our lives by appearing on our front porch. He was a little skiddish at first, but before we knew it, he was inside our house and we were frantically walking our neighborhood, knocking door to door, posting signs that we had found this gorgeous lost kitty. Little did we know how much we needed him in our lives and how much he needed us. He became forever ours and we couldn't be more thankful for this day. We all love you so much Duke! (Even though we all know that your favorite human is Norah.) ;-)


I’m getting lots of questions about the new “make up product” R+F has launched. Well...we’re not selling make up at all! We still want you to be foundation free along with us! 😉
Make up is to enhance or alter your appearance. Derma-Cosmetics, on the other hand, offer instant cosmetic results with long-term dermatologic skin improvements over time.
How is this different from foundation or BB creams?
Derma-cosmetics work to IMPROVE your skin’s health, not just cover it up.
What makes Radiant Defense so special?
📍Protects from the environment like pollution and dirt
📍Repairs your protective moisture barrier
📍Defends against the sun
📍After one week you will already see results WITHOUT the product on
📍It's unlike anything you have EVER used before!
Who knew there could actually be cosmetics that are GOOD for your skin?!
Contact me if you’d like to try a free sample and see what shade you are.🤗 #rodanandfieldsradiantdefense

A very BIG shout out to this guy, my big brother Ryan! Oh Happy Day to YOU! May you be treated like a King by all those ladies in your life! Xoxo

6th Grade Photo

This lovely graphic is on Google right now!