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We are in the process of cleaning out our basement and came across some old adoption papers. First of all, it’s so crazy to think that the only way to communicate back then, was to write/type letters and wait for a response bc calling long distance was much more of a financial burden in the 70’s.
Second of all, for those of you that don’t know, myself and both of my siblings were all adopted.
Third of all, after reading these letters, it’s mind blowing knowing how hard it was to adopt a child.
Fourth of all, one person used the term, “oriental” 🤬 I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt since this was early to mid 70’s. 😉
And last but not least, I am so incredibly thankful for the life that I was given, that I am a survivor (my twin sister died while we were in the orphanage at a few months of age) and that my most awesome parents provided an amazing upbringing for me and my siblings. Love you so much Mom and Dad!


Ugh. I’ve caught another cold. I know I’m not invincible, but seriously, this is the 3rd cold I’ve caught this season. I know there’s some nasty stuff going around but I bought these today and I just want to say that these are freaking AWESOME! That is all. Carry on now!😜

Ugh. I guess it could be worse.
Norah sprained her ankle today playing soccer in gym class.
🤬🙄😞 @norahduritsa

So I was messing around on Facebook and did the test to see what I would look like as a celebrity. I plugged in 3 different profile pics of mine.
As a person that does NOT wear make up, all I can say is, WOW! HOLY MAKE UP! (And photoshopped!)😜

Yes, I do have a daily commute. But it’s the most important for me as it’s getting my precious cargo (my 2 amazing kids) to and from school. Nothing is more important to me than family and I have the flexibility to always be there for them, while working my 2 businesses on *my* terms.

1. www.mduritsa.myrandf.biz
-Rodan+Fields Consultant, (earning residual income and changing people’s lives!) And it’s FUN!!!
2. www.melindaduritsa.com
-Lifestyle Photography, a passion of mine


Sunday, Funday in the ❄️SNOW❄️!!!

Work hard, train hard...even on your day off.


Hey there FRIENDS!
(Or anyone with skin!)😉 If you've invested in the old Rodan+Fields AMD MD roller, it is *now* time to upgrade to the new roller and the improved RetinAl Intensive Renewing Serum. These magical capsules deliver 20 times the revitalizing strength of Retinol.
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Because even with all this ❄️❄️❄️ you know you want fabulous looking lashes!


Today is a ❄️ SNOW DAY! ❄️
School was cancelled for my kids and I’m so thankful that I didn’t have to scramble looking for childcare.
We are all snug and cozy watching WALL•E and I’m working from the comfort of my couch.


Ryan just found this hidden in a hard drive.
❤️😂❤️ #guesswhowrotethis!😜

So proper.

Today marks the 32nd Anniversary of the Annual National Girls and Women in Sports Day, a National observance celebrating the extraordinary achievements of women and girls in sports. Here are a few photos of *my* favorite girl, my strong and beautiful daughter!


"No, thanks. I don't need any more money." - No one ever.

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Hey You Guys!!! #callme

These 2.
Not a care in the world.
(And Duke is on my $hitlist right now. He dashed outside and down our front steps to our front yard full of snow as I was finishing up shoveling this morning.)🙄

Do you have the Monday blues?
Well check out this amazing before and after!
Lash Boost.
Enough said.

Who needs to replenish? Who's never tried it?

Who is ready to LIVE LIFE on their own terms?
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Let's talk!

Today is World Cancer Day.
This is my most important post of the day.
We love you Mikey and we are always rooting for you to WIN every single day for the rest of your life!


More fun-ness captured here!

Skiing fun day!

This is the same person.
Everyone has skin.
Please take care of it.

Ask me how.🤗 #rodanandfields

Here’s another classic!
(And YES....Ryan looks like he’s about ready to hit a German night club! LOL!)

Found my old prom dresses this past weekend. I let Norah try them on and she definitely got a good giggle!
This one is from my senior year...let’s just call it a day and assume that it still fits.😜 (Oh...and sorry Dave! I had to tag you!😜)

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