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MATTHIAS GEIGER  Zurich | St. Moritz Nikon D750

ET700 from Addis Ababa approaching @heathrow_airport just before sunrise ✈

Another 777 peeking through the clouds...

Frequent visitor approaching Samedan one last time as M-GLOB. It was reregistred G-GLOB five days later ✈

EBACE is just around the corner and of course I'm really excited to take a look into all these luxurious jets. Interesting guests this year are the new G500 and the Citation Longitude. I'll try to post as many impressions as possible in my stories so stay tuned on Wednesday ✈

LX41 arriving back home, seen from the new spotting location for our airside tours just 50m away from the runway ✈

Falcon family ✈ Which one would you choose? This one's for you @ldetroyat

G-IV owned by the Whirlpool Corp. doesn't seem to be bothered by all the ice and snow. Maybe because the company invented the astronaut or space ice cream? 😏

Guess you know by now how much I love the G550. I also quite like this angle as it shows the span of the wings and the giant one-piece flaps ✈

Six years after my first encounter with this beautiful 727 I finally got to see it again. Seen here approaching @geneveaeroport after a short hop from Paris LBG ✈ (Danke @lkspotting!)

@opium_the_cockerspaniel posing in a PC-12 ✈

QR104 lining up @geneveaeroport 🇶🇦

To all the mothers (... especially mine!) ❤

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