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Motherfucking Swede  2016 Powerlifting Coach of the Year Father of 5thSet Daddy of @liftin_clifton Owner of Keyhole Barbell Columnist at Elitefts.com FeedMeFightMe:SWEDE


We are observing the sabbath. -
#wcs #5thSet #goodatlife

If everyone could just leave me alone by the ocean, forever, that would be great. -
#5thSet #goodatlife -
photo cred: @liftin_clifton

#fbf to the impromptu angle clinic I did for the living legend, herself, 9/9 Ellen Stein last weekend at the Olympia. @w8lifter222 -

Awesome catching up with my brothers @delicious_jay and @wes_whitlock representing @rogueamericanapparel @disciplesofiron this weekend at the Olympia in Las Vegas.
#5thSet #teamswede #rogueamerican #disciplesofiron

Standing strong in sock solidarity with my teammate, the Mother of Dragons, herself, @cryssaboo - after her extremely impressive performance at the USPA Olympia, on Friday. It was an all around awesome weekend. 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽 #feedmefightme #motherofdragons #olympia2017 #elitefts #5thSet

I had a great morning with Pittsburgh Steelers' living legend, Louie Lipps at a corporate speaking engagement we shared. What a class act this guy is. It's always cool to be able to branch out and work with people in different industries, even just for perspective. -

@deebotrainingsystems - -
🚨Seminar Alert!🚨
Calling all powerlifters, strength enthusiasts, strongman competitors, strength and team sport coaches, crossfitters, gym rats and meat heads!
We at DTS are excited to announce that on Sunday October 1st we will be hosting a full day hands-on powerlifting and strength seminar with our good friends @mfswede and @greg_panora. Take advantage of this great opportunity to get inside the minds, and learn the training philosophies and methodologies, of two of the most decorated lifters and coaches on the planet. Topics will include (but not limited to):
▫Technical analysis & hands-on coaching from Swede and Greg on the squat, bench and deadlift.
▫Discussion of Swede's "5th Set" training methodology that is taking the powerlifting world by storm and developing wildly successful lifters across the country!
▫Advanced special exercise selection to break through plateaus and CRUSH PR's!
▫How to train SMARTER and STAY HEALTHY long-term.
▫The most efficient and effective way to peak for competition to guarantee PR's on the platform!
▫Simple method for attempt selections at powerlifting meets to ensure success!
▫Elite sports psychology for both training and competition from two titans of the strength world with over 40 years combined experience under the barbell.
▫Open forum Q&A discussion and more

#5thSet #elitefts #teamswede

Two 5thSetters caught in their natural habitat. -

Just absolutely destroyed assistance work at a Planet Fitness on vacation. If it's important to you, you make it happen. If not, you make excuses.

#5thSet #goodatlife #teamswede #elitefts #feedmefightme

Keyhole Family Dinner ☠️💀☠️ #5thSet #elitefts #teamswede #feedmefightme #goodatlife

My heart is really fucking heavy right now. -
My sweet girl, Miley, is probably not going to make it through the night. I rescued her, along with Magnus about 8 years ago and she was almost 3 then. She's well beyond her life expectancy, so I kind of knew the end was coming, but I couldn't be ready for this. Truly the sweetest, most well behaved dog I've ever met in my life and a big piece of the only family I have here. -
Her breathing is shallow, but she still wags her tail when I talk to her. I'm just going to sit with her here, until she passes. I cleaned her up real nice. -
It's been a rough few weeks.

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