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Michelle Farrah Huang  Sup qurrrrrrl

Keir and I tried screen printing for the first time at our buddy’s pad. We got a LOT of screen printing done. (Pls peep Milo lurking in the shadows)

Tom boi with the boys<3!




Dis me lookin like soft bread. Happy #worldballetday

People have been joking that I am Julia (played by the lovely Amy Okuda) on the recent show Atypical. We are both Asian, female, on the show, and we don't look alike. To say or joke that we are the same person is (unfortunately) disrespectful and casual racism. Whether or not there was malicious intent/it was meant to be a compliment is also irrelevant. The first couple times it came to my attention I did what most minorities do- I rolled my eyes and laughed. I have grown up my whole life being called "the Asian girl" or I was mistook for another Asian person. I didn't want to upset anyone. However, I will put you on blast and embarrass you now because sadly, it's still an issue in 2017. I'm done making excuses especially with the current climate of our country. It feels degrading, thoughtless, and it washes away my identity. Please do not look at any person as a race. Think before you speak. (I also don't have a good pic of Amy and I together so please enjoy Keir and I as meows.)💜

Currently 105 degrees also apple why don't I have a degree symbol?

Ain't been outside in a minute

my homies and I always send toilet feet snaps to each other and I opened this on the toilet going da hao and snorted so hard at them I love and miss you fools #atypicalnetflix #atypical #thatzoomdoe @milksteaks_ @angelknives

Always a pleasure working and playing catsup with the homies whilst stuffing our faces. The bros gifted me that bigmac onesie and I’m jazzed

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