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Museum of Fine Arts, Boston  Founded in 1870, #mfaBoston encompasses an encyclopedic collection, representing all cultures & time periods. Home of #RileyTheMuseumDog.

The scene? Venice. A well-dressed young woman sits behind the grated partition, a socially prestigious Venetian nunnery. An elegant gentleman caller approaches and speaks privately to her. What could they be discussing? Let your imagination run wild in "Casanova's Europe: Art, Pleasure, and Power in the 18th Century."

Do you have a work of art from our collection that you'd like to learn more about? @enuancednonsense recently requested John Martin's "Seventh Plague of Egypt" (1823), and this post is for them đź‘‹ Comment with your requests, and we'll plan on featuring your choice in a future post! đź’Ś
Inspired by J. M. W. Turner's work, Martin produced a series of paintings showing dramatic biblical and ancient scenes. This piece depicts Moses and his brother Aaron in the foreground to the left as the seventh of the ten plagues descends on the city of Thebes, seen to the right with Egyptians bowing in anguish amongst the towering city buildings. "And Moses stretched forward his rod toward heaven, and the Lord sent thunder and hail, and fire rained down onto the earth." This painting was included in the inaugural exhibition of the Society of British Artists, London, in 1824.

#Herakles rests his right hand on one end of his club, the other end of which is supported on a small elevation beside his foot. The lion’s skin hangs over the extended left arm, and the left hand evidently held a bow. The hero’s great strength is suggested by the massive neck and swelling shoulder muscles. This Roman statue, carved from marble as early as 117 A.D., is on view in our Art of the Ancient World Galleries. #HeartArt

Happy #FirstDayOfFall! #AlfredSisley likely painted this view of a pumping station on the Seine in the fall of 1876. The glittering surface of the river reflects the cloudy sky, the docks and autumn leaves.
Pictured: "Waterworks at Marly," about 1876.

"#WinnieThePooh: Exploring a Classic" is now on view! We're celebrating the exhibition opening with free milk and cookies and family activities with @hphood on the front lawn. Our morning is sold out, but limited tickets are available for today's time slots after 12:30 pm. Make sure to get your timed-entry tickets in advance to explore how the stories of Pooh and his friends have stood the test of time. Join as a member to receive limited free timed-entry tickets!
Exhibition organized by the @vamuseum. “Winnie-the-Pooh: Exploring a Classic” is sponsored by @hphood.

Fun fact from our curatorial research fellow Courtney Harris: Back in the #DutchGoldenAge, a dolls’ house like Petronella’s on #TheMiniaturistPBS would’ve been worth the equivalent of a fully furnished canal home in Amsterdam. Don’t miss the series finale on @masterpiecepbs this Sunday!

After exploring the art of the 18th century in "Casanova's Europe," take a culinary voyage! Special food and drink offerings inspired by the exhibition are available at the New American Café, Bravo and Taste.

Don't miss your chance to see the 17th-century Chinese masterpiece "10,000 Miles along the Yangzi River," on view in a special installation in the Asian Paintings Gallery through September 30. The 53-foot-long handscroll was painted by Wang Hui, the most notable painter of his day in China. It was recently given to the Museum by prominent collector Wan-go H.C. Weng—whose family had owned the scroll since 1875—on the occasion of his 100th birthday.

“Pastel is the lightest, most fugitive of techniques—like the pollen of a lily or the dust from a butterfly’s wing that an artist scatters and fixes on paper." Experience an exceptional display of rarely seen masterworks by #Millet, #Degas and their contemporaries in "French Pastels: Treasures from the Vault," on view through January 6! .
🎥: Morgan Herbert, MFA intern and @emersoncollege senior

We're excited to host three celebrated contemporary artists at the MFA next month! On October 19, Cecilia Vicuña presents an interactive, meditative performance at our #mfaLateNites event, in conjunction with the opening of her exhibition "Cecilia Vicuña: Disappeared Quipu."
On October 26, join us and @mitpress for a conversation between @aiww and Christina Yu Yu, the MFA's Matsutaro Shoriki Chair, Art of Asia. We're celebrating the pre-release of "#AiWeiwei: Beijing Photographs 1993–2003," an autobiography in pictures that offers an intimate look at Ai's world in the years after his return from New York and preceding his imprisonment and global superstardom.
On October 29, @candicebreitz hosts a unique public conversation with @juliannemoore and @alecbaldwininsta, actors who appear in her video installation "Love Story," as well as Shabeena Francis Saveri and Luis Ernesto Nava Molero, two refugees whose stories the work documents. Matthew Teitelbaum, Ann and Graham Gund Director, and @lizmunsell, Lorraine and Alan Bressler Curator of Contemporary Art and Special Initiatives, will also participate in this free program. "Love Story" is currently on view in our Linde Family Wing for #ContemporaryArt.

This fall, our portrait of "Mrs. Fiske Warren (Gretchen Osgood) and Her Daughter Rachel" is on view across the street in the @gardnermuseum's Gothic Room, where #JohnSingerSargent originally painted it during the winter of 1903. #SargentOnLocation

Gmar Chatimah Tova`. A shofar, such as this 19th-century example from Poland, is made of a ram’s horn and blown at Rosh Hashanah and at the very end of #YomKippur. The 26-hour fast of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) begins this evening at sundown and ends tomorrow after nightfall.

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