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SEXY💋MEXY  🇲🇽 5️⃣1️⃣ years YOUNG. PO Box 232385 San Diego Ca, 92193.

Buenos Dias!!☀️☀️☀️😀 Sun is out and it’s FRIDAY!!!(even though I have to work on Saturday 😐). Anybody wanna join me for happy hour?!😜🍹

Buenos Dias! at work and it’s pouring down rain🌧☔️ and I’m daydreaming about ☀️👙🕶🍹🌊⛱😩

Worked some long hours all week and the rain was pretty heavy. Had to take a little “me” time and go to a show and dinner before we all start that work week up tomorrow 😩😜. #girlsnightout💃

🎶Concert Nite🎵💋.

Great food, friends, drinks, and a pretty good game. 🏈🏆 Good Nite all💋

Doesn’t seem all that cold🥶 to me out here😜☔️. #californiawinter. Update: happy hr at this bar just got a lot happier!!!

BUENOS DIAS ☀️🚫❄️☃️💨. Going in late to work and watching the news and some of y’all are FREEZING back east soooo... I decided to hop in the jacuzzi for a hour👙🕶 😜 #70andsunny #ilovecalifornia

Buenos Noches💋

When your girls are all dancing and u are at the table working on a edit technique n drinking shots and u FINALLY get it sorta right and it’s time to go home🤨😂😂😂. Some followers think doing a page like this is so easy😂. This is like work work😬

@omniasandiego here we come! Gaslamp shenanigans part 2😜💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻🍹🍻🍷🍾🍾

Friends, Fun, and Friday nite Gaslamp foolishness. #clubbing

My #10yearchallenge Seems like yesterday and 20 yrs ago at the same time. Time flies ⏰💨 so ENJOY every minute and live it up!!

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