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SEXY💋MEXY  🇲🇽 5️⃣1️⃣ years YOUNG. PO Box 232385 San Diego Ca, 92193.

So I have had multiple questions about the “quality and or quality” of my private pics.....those who have sent a gift and I have shared feel free to chime in as to if I’m “real”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 EDIT: if you choose to send I nice gift and are not a jerk or a weirdo then I will share the uncensored content when I receive the gift. That is it...pretty simple. No need to ask “what do u want” , “what do I get” etc.... simple

A great nite out!!!🌙🍽💃🏻🍹

Buenos Dias!💖👙 Happy Thursday everyone😀. Back on my “why u take pics in that dark hallway”, no make up, plain hair, high heels, and skimpy stuff vibe. #hatersgonnahate

❤️my9️⃣er’s #ninergangisalifestyle

Great show and good times #lostigresdelnorte #concertinthepark

“No work tomorrow” nite! 💃🏻🍹#concertoutfit #casinonight #allblackoutfit

So now it looks like when I reply to RUDE🙄 and or inappropriate comments with my own “rude” comments one or a few of u are reporting my comments and getting my posts deleted😠. OK. I will just block🚫 anyone who leaves negativity or vulgar comments #hatersgonnahate #repost

Little black Saturday nite martini bar for a minute dress #dressandheels

Buenos Dias 😘👠 repost because this set was deleted by IG, but I liked it so I changed out red dot pics. #reposting

Sun☀️Surf🌊Sand🏖and only THREE Shots of Tequila 🥃😜

A nite out 👠💋#addidas

Buenos Dias💋and TGIF!!!!!🙌🏼

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