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Marcus Dealio  Truly, a nightmare to your mental health

“Legs so long” but still a professionho

Murdered on the dance floor


You think im dead. You think i will never make another post on this account because i have reached my 666th post. Well guess what, my inner desire to be a retro emo from 2003 has died out just like my love for a cheap ass bluemoon 8 bucks a bottle beer long ago. Im into dirty martinis now and i read the WSJ in the morning while trash talking to my imaginary interns about how they will never get a successful career. Deal with it and just continue to love me for i live the life that yall say you hate but secretly wanted, xoxo, gossip girl.

Red line study 002

Red line study 001 - its very different working on paper i love-hate it. I hope yall enjoy the kind of structure within chaos/ vice versa in my work, its kinda what the inside of my head looks like when im not sleeping/ sober.

Self Portrait 001 - Working on some new sketches with some new materials - kaka

Mesmerizing @cindysherman

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四捨五入 我也是個佛教徒📿

Call for sponsors/daddies: who wants to be responsible for the impulsive behaviors of this millennial? Slide in my dms, tweet at my non-existing Twitter account — however you desire, promise there will be no regrets:)

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