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An alternative to brushing your teeth whilst on the go. Most of sugar-free gum contain xylitol a natural sugar that can neutralize acidity! This will help protect your enamel #metrodental #dentalclinic #dentists #loveyoursmile

Being scared of the dentist is very normal for our little ones,what helps is bringing them along to your dental visit they tend to mimic your behavior and it can help them to cooperate better during their dental treatment #metrodental #dentalclinic #dentists #invisalign #pediatricdentist #loveyoursmile

But your smile doesn't have to be abstract art. PM us to find out how you can get that perfect smile you've always wanted! #metrodental #dentalclinic #dentists #invisalign

Did you know that the best time to brush after a meal, is after 30 minutes? That's because right after eating the enamel of your teeth softens due to the acidity in your mouth. #metrodental #dentalclinic #dentists

You can limit the damage of your favorite sugary, acidic, or fizzy drink by simply enjoying them through a straw so there’s less contact with your teeth. #metrodental #dentalclinic #dentists

Find out when to start brushing and get pro tips like these from our pediatric dentists!
Did you you know that there is no need to excessively rinse after brushing, just spit out the excess [toothpaste]. You want the fluoride to stay in contact with the teeth for a longer period of time. Rinsing it off will prevent this from happening. #metrodental #dentalclinic #dentists #invisalign #pediatricdentist

Being young is about letting your kids be kids and have fun! they should have time to do the things they love at the same time do well in school, and too many school absences can set kids back. Invisalign treatment requires fewer doctor visits so you don't have to worry about your child missing school as often. #metrodental #dentalclinic #dentists #invisalign

Happy Birthday Sanya! Thank you for always trusting us with your smile! #metrodental #loveyoursmile

Congratulations @darrenespanto1 for winning the Album of the Year at the MOR Pinoy Music Awards 2017! Keep shining that perfect MetroDental smile! #metrodental #loveyoursmile

After having your favorite drink follow up with a glass of water, this rinses your mouth to reduce the risk of stains and acid erosion. #metrodental #dentalclinic #dentists

Think of it as nature's toothbrush. The meat and skin is high in fiber, which helps scrub your teeth, gums, and tongue. It helps get rid of bad breath too! All the more reason to eat apples! #metrodental #dentalclinic #dentists #loveyoursmile

Happy Birthday Cheska! May your birthday be as brilliant as your beaming smile! #metrodental #loveyoursmile

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