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metisha  Model | Actress | Writer Mngmt Usa 🇺🇸: Mgmt@thejse.net 🗣 Speak 5 languages 🇩🇪/🇹🇷 -maşallah- Fitonomy athlete 🏋🏻

Sunday Funday ❤️ @beachbunnyswimwear . My Beach is better then yours 🤣

Join me and stand together with the #leaftalk movement to support patients who need medical marijuana to help them prevent the spread of cancer cells, control epileptic seizures, slow the progression of Alzheimer’s, cope with chronic pain, deal with anxiety…you name it! Show some love by posting your own selfie and get behind this cause with me #marijuanadoctorspartner #CannabisCures
#CannabisEducation @marijuanadoctors

S a t u r d a z e 🤗

@fitonomy Lean Whey is crafted to provide the cleanest vitamins and minerals for promoting muscle growth and maintenance. That is why I have it as a post-workout drink and sometimes as a meal replacement, to help me achieve my goals, and it tastes delicious!

Happy Valentines Day ❤️! Love is all around make good use of it ! Sevgililer gununuz kutlu olsun .

Burn the calories gained during weekend with these ab exercises!
@fitonomy supps help me fuel my muscles during and after workouts! .
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Keep your head up god gives the toughest struggles to his strongest soldiers 🤗

S i m p l e

Be in love with your life, enjoy every moment of it, have people who always motivate and support you. I always have @fitonomy with me, it is my number 1 support through my fitness journey.

Know your worth 😘! Thk you @engin_tan for fixing my brows ❤️!

I always try to make the most of my workouts, so I usually take a single dose of @fitonomy L-Carnitine to ensure the maximum results.
#Fitonomy L-Carnitine 3000 is especially useful if you’re training fasted or on a low-carb diet where fat oxidation is already maximized.#AD

When one door closes another one opens ... 🇹🇷

Even in the cold days when I can’t make it to the gym, love to fuel my workouts with @fitonomy Pre Workout & Lean Whey!
#Fitonomy's Pre Workout ingredient profile is carefully formulated to improve energy, endurance, focus, and stamina. Especially designed ingredients will help give you the boost you need to push yourself even harder to get those extra reps.
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Everything happens for a reason 🤗❤️!


I love sipping from my @fitonomy BCAA even at the weekends! It keeps me happy & active.

#Fitonomy BCAAs aid in energy and even fat loss, but the main benefit of BCAAs is their ability to boost muscle growth. After all, that's the number one goal for most of us! #AD

"Gelin oldum gidiyorum".... 🙈 designer @gulaferatas . First job In turkey 🤗🇹🇷🇺🇸! 📷@huseyinkurtofficial @cemozkok309

Merhaba Türkiye 🇹🇷. I am so happy to be able to work in my own country and live at the same time in the country of hope and dreams 🇺🇸! Above blessed .

Happy Sunday lovers. New year new body 🤔?! Well make sure you follow your new year resolution. My goal is to get tighter and to slim down some more . Besides cardio I love to work with my own body weight and a lot of you underestimate the products that help accelerate the whole process . After my work out I make sure I replenish with my BCAA from @fitonomy ! Why is BCAA so important for you ?! -
BCAAS help fuel your muscles with nutrients that increase protein synthesis, help prevent catabolism and enhance recovery.
Supplementing your diet with Fitonomy BCAA + Glutamine on a daily basis will support recovery between workouts, allowing you to bounce back quicker from intense exercise. And also reduces your soreness. @fitonomy
Outfit also by @fitonomy 🤷🏽‍♀️ @johnsonsportsent #AD

Carpe Diem ✅
OOTD @ramonalarue 📷 @andyadornophotography

Nothing like good coffee in the morning 🙈. I am terrible before coffee ☕️. Ppl that are close to me know this . Well one of my goals is to change that habit but for now let me enjoy my coffee 😜😍.

2017 was great but 2018 will be even better. And for all of you guys that want to achieve their dream body be patient and appreciate every stage of your body . If you keep punishing your body and telling it you doing bad , you will not achieve what U want and your body will simply stagnate . So I want to take a moment to motivate everyone to do baby steps with @fitonomy and start walking . I love to work out because after 45 min of work out your body releases serotonin which is a happy Hormon . So with that said let's make this year a great year and start working on your life body not only summer body . I love all my products from @fitonomy . Check them out and thank me later ! Happy new year my loves ! #Ad

Bebis and moi @hulya_baby Thk You for the suprise and just being you love u ! #realrecognizereal💯 #arkadaşbudurişte

While I am reflecting our 2017 I can still say I am overall very blessed . Learned a few lessons, got rid of fake ppl, gained a few new friends. Experienced Love ❤️. And got new career opportunities. I also took time to look at myself and my weakness and realized some good and some bad things, which I am taking my time to work on, at 2018 .....! I have amazing goals for 2018 and I am very happy and grateful that my family and my true friends are there to go this way with me. I also want to take my time to thank all my followers for your true support. All your messages are so encouraging and I am truly blessed that you guys support me and help me stay motivated. Wishing everybody noting but the best for 2018 and remember u can't fight HATE with hate . Love always wins !

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