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So this is my #twocolorchallenge quilt that didn't quite make the QuiltCon deadline. It's called Portland Pepsi, and it was inspired by a building in my neighborhood that has been a Pepsi distribution center since 1950. It is not beautiful, IMO, but I like that they made an effort to add some style to a building that is essentially a warehouse. It's about to be demolished to make way for yet another gigantic apartment building - or in this case a small village of them.
When we moved to Portland from Milan in 1999, I remember thinking, How can this place exist? It was kind of the perfect mix of the old and the even older, with a beautiful, mostly skyscraper-free downtown and a city made up of little neighborhoods, each with its own distinct character. We could walk to almost whatever we needed, and if we had to drive or take transit, no problem -- no traffic. Well, it turned out we were just the beginning of a huge wave that has already very much transformed the city and looks like it's just getting started.
I, of course, recognize the value of dense cities and walkable neighborhoods and we have so many amazing restaurants and cool shops now -- that's all fun and great. But I still look back very fondly on the old Portland and how wonderful it was to explore and find amazing things -- drugstores with soda fountains, resale shops where you could pick up impossibly cool stuff for a song, shops run by people who had been there since the 50s, and, you know, affordable houses. So while I try not to be an old crank wallowing in nostalgia, I do sometimes mourn the old Portland while I'm sitting in traffic (often in front of this very building).
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My #twocolorchallenge quilt is finished - and only 11 days past deadline! If it stops raining I’ll get a full shot in front of the soon to be no more building it’s meant to commemorate. *
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I finished my #michaelmillerchallenge quilt and ran out in search of a wall and some light before the rains return tomorrow. I decided it has a seaweed vibe, so I’m calling it Sea Tree. *
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I had several ideas for my #michaelmillerchallenge quilt that didn’t pan out:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -• Small curvy pieces 👎🏼
• 6-Minute Circle flowers 👎🏼
• Flowing streams of tiny Albers-inspired blocks 👎🏼
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
And then I thought, ok, how about some improv curves? They were really fun, pretty fast, and doable, so that’s what I ended up with. Today’s goal: quilt and bind it. 😂

#michaelmillerchallenge2019 #quiltcon2019 #modernquilting #showusyourmqg

Two Color Quilt Challenge front ✔️ and back ✔️ On to the Michael Miller Challenge quilt. I’ve got plenty of time, right? 😁
#twocolorquiltchallenge #twocolorchallenge

Coconut cream pie is my absolute favorite, so I make it once a year and today’s the day. Happy Thanksgiving, all! (Photo and turkey dinner thanks to @campcactus ❤️)

Does this look vaguely like an abstractish version of a seagull? I sure hope so, because it took all day. 🙄I decided my #twocolorchallenge quilt needed a little pizzazz, so I said to myself, NBD, I’ll just draft a paper pieced bird. 🤦🏻‍♀️

@annamariahorner was the guest speaker at our @portlandmqg meeting tonight. She’s funny and engaging and had so many interesting and thought provoking things to say about making art. And her quilts, oh my. A magical evening.
More pics in my story. #pmqg

Construction 🚧 continues. *
#twocolorchallenge #modernquilting #konapickle #konaflame

We have the power and the power is our vote. The last election was lost not by 77,000 votes, but by the 100 million eligible voters who did not vote.

If you haven’t registered, and are in CA, CO, ID, UT, MT, WY, HI, ND, MN, WI, IA, IL, DC, VT, CT, NH or ME, you can still vote today! Same day registration!

Also, in CA, AZ, NV, UT, NM, TX, OK, KA, NE, SD, MN, IA, MO, TN, WV, NY, DC, MD, DE, RI, AK, & HI
Your boss is LEGALLY REQUIRED to give you 2 HOURS of paid time to vote.

Please, everyone V O T E V O T E V O T E like our democracy depends on it.

After an afternoon of GOTV, I made some progress on my Two Color Challenge quilt. I think it’s going somewhere 🤔
#modernquilting #twocolorchallenge #votevotevote

Getting out the vote today for @oregongovbrown and ran into my favorite senator, @senjeffmerkley. Get those ballots in so I don’t have to come to your house! (Photo thanks to my number one canvassing partner, @taniajohnston)
🇺🇸 V O T E V O T E V O T E V O T E 🇺🇸
#teamkate #voteblue

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