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We had a great day today exploring the slightly less touristy parts of Rome under lovely cloudy skies.

#TheVatican The last time I was in the Vatican it was the 80’s and I remember wandering around happily with a few other tourists, and then going into the Sistine Chapel with a small group for 10 glorious minutes. Today was insane. You reserve your time, but they let in at least four times as many people as they should. It’s sardines the entire visit. First world problems, I know, but it just seems so greedy and turns what should be a rare chance to see incredible wonders into a pretty unpleasant experience. I’m going to write a strongly worded letter.😂

I always kind of forget about this quilt that I made for my M-I-L at her request very early in my quilt life. The label says I worked on it from 2004 to 2007. It’s the only quilt I’ve made all by hand (excluding the quilting, which is custom, probably by Pat Roche).

There’s a magical place in Portland that gives you *12 free perfect little doughnuts* on your birthday! Thanks, @pipsoriginal! 4 down, 8 to go 😋(pic by @lesliepaigejewelry)

I’m ready to roam in Rome 🚶🏽‍♀️🇮🇹with my just finished Range backpack. As always, great pattern by @noodlehead531, and thanks to Lupine at @moderndomestic for helping me zero in on the perfect backpack fabric from @jenhewett’s #ImaginedLandscapesFabric⁣ line. ⁣
#rangebackpack #cottonandsteel #noodleheadpatterns

Imagine that life in your country became so dangerous that you felt your only choice was to flee with your children, the clothes on your backs and a few treasured possessions. Imagine that, after a long journey into the unknown, you arrived at your destination, a place where you believed you and your children could finally be safe. But instead of being allowed to seek asylum, you’re put in a prison. All of your belongings are confiscated, and your children are taken from you. They tell you they’re just having a bath and getting clean clothes, so you don’t worry at first. But then they don’t bring them back and they won’t tell you where they are. Days and then weeks pass and you don’t know where your children are. And you can’t even pray.

Despite court ordered reunification, more than 700 children have still not been reunited with their parents. Seven hundred terrified children. And some of the parents have been deported without their children. How will they be reunited? How will these children survive the trauma of being wrenched from their parents and put in cages with other terrified children for weeks and months, not knowing where they are or if they’ll ever see their families again? How can the people who are making and executing these policies live with themselves? What are we doing?

My sincerest thanks to Tom Kiefer (@tomkiefer.photographer) for allowing me to use his photograph of confiscated and discarded rosaries as the inspiration for this piece. His powerful and beautiful collection of photographs of items confiscated from migrants, which he retrieved from garbage cans at the facility he worked at in Arizona until 2014, is entitled El Sueño Americano. You can see his work at

This piece is called Sin Oraciones (Without Prayers) and it’s my submission to the PMQG Kaleidoscope Fabric Challenge. It measures 16.5” x 19”. It’s reverse appliqué without the appliqué. Swipe to see the back and Tom’s photo that was the inspiration for this piece. *
#agkaleidoscope #alisonglass #PMQGMiniQuiltChallenge #tamquilt #modernquilting #statementquilt #miniquilt

Oh, Summer, don’t go just yet.

Working on the front and the back of my mini for the #alisonglass #pmqgminiquiltchallenge
#agkaleidoscope #modernquilting #pmqg

My entry for this quarter’s #curatedquilts mini challenge, for which the theme is House. This is Chalet.
I’m in the middle of trying to figure out a challenging project, so this was a fun place to sidetrack to.
It’s 15” x 15”
#curatedquiltsmini #tamquilt #housequilt #modernquilting #miniquilt #modernquilt

Finally got time and an idea for my #curatedquiltsmini

Quilty friends really are the best. When I told my (first IG, now real life) friend, @laurie3.14, that my husband and I would be in Washington DC after 2017 QuiltCon, she immediately emailed me with so much good information for our trip, then once we got there, she and her lovely husband, Alan, picked us up and took us for a full day of sightseeing and then had us over for a delicious dinner (where we also got to meet the fab @keepmaking and her husband right before their ❤️twins❤️were born). Laurie is just the best real life friend you could hope for and I wish we lived not on opposite sides of the country. I knew I wanted to make her something extra special and, because she loves them, attempt my first 🌈 project, so when I saw @sarah_cozynestpatterns' #rolliepollieorganizer (I fell hard for @penandpaperpatterns' amazeballs version), I knew it was the one. That was ... a while ago, but I finally got to it this summer and ta da! Less than two years in the making 🙄👊🏼🏆 😘 @laurie3.14

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