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#metallicslimeproof  →restocks on random wednesdays 8pm est →worldwide shipping ↓shop slimes here!


scented just like strawberry marshmallows! it’s super self inflating and sizzly especially when you play with it a bunch. i definitely recommend getting your hands on this one today

chocolate covered strawberries🍓
a thick, sizzly, bright red slay (slight amount of clay) slime topped with a layer of brown daiso clay and super realistic faux chocolate chunks that you can mix all together on your own to create the perfect, smooth, sizzly dusty red butter slime. the red slay slime is scented just like chocolate covered strawberries, so when you mix the clay into the slime, it’ll smell just like rich dark chocolate and strawberries! this will be available for sale on my website at 8pm est❤️

final result of slime smoothie! it’s so pigmented and is scented pink sugar. yes, this will be for sale and if u didn’t know, it will be at a very discounted price! ($5 for 4oz, $7 for 6oz) give me name suggestions! vday related names would be great :)

mixing! wait until the end :)

slime smoothie!
it’s baaaaack
guess what color this will turn out to be!

some GOOD activator pokes in the second clip. this slime is a bit foggy so it’ll be used for metallic slime!
filmed a few vids of one of my most popular types of videos, who can guess what it is??

this base👏🏼
sweet or savory?

do you shower at night or in the morning?
(repost bc i forgot the watermark earlier)

mint chip melt is so cuteee✨

fresh baked bread from @slimemug
this came sticky but i fixed it up and it’s SO GOOD. smells like sweet bread and it’s soft and supa self inflating. also i paid like $11 for this 8oz including shipping which is amazinggg, so glad i got my hands on this!

electra shift
don’t repost pls, i forgot the watermark
(first clip (slime falling) is sped up)
i post so much about this one, but it’s too pretty to not🤷‍♀️
yes, i do sell slime! click the link in my bio to buy!

describe your crush in the comments!
{cr: @kawaiikbslimes }
-yes, i sell slime! click the link in my bio to buy! i restock on random wednesday’s at 8pm est
-if you purchase from me, post a video or picture of your slime(s) with #/metallicslimeproof for a shoutout!
-use my hashtag #/ftmetallicslime for a chance to be featured

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