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I can’t take away
The ailments of your mind.
It all ebbs and flows anyway.
We so wish to remove
Our pain,
Our displeasure,
But we aren’t very excited
For the gain
Of all our losses.
We resist change,
And seem to desire to stay the same more.
We can plan a single funeral,
But when the shedding of who we’re not actually occurs,
It may call for twelve.
And instead of seeing the lightness,
The space,
The newness creating itself -
We gasp while parts of who
We’ve always thought we’ve been
Fall to the floor.
We perceive their shadows as mocking us,
We feel the eyes of others speaking conversations with our insecurities
And somehow we feel on the
Outside of it all,
But that’s the mistake -
The true revelation
Takes place far from eyes
And collective acknowledgement.
It happens within.
And in the absence of timid complaints.
Deep in the center field of your own love.
- Crystal Sloan

If you would have asked me about my day; it was one of those in which you would have supported me in my decision to maybe hit the ground and stay a while.
But I didn’t lie down. I remained patient. Mostly with myself.
Living your truth isn’t easy.
Putting out pieces of yourself that are true whether it’s in the form of writing poetry, your work as an auto mechanic, or your reputation as a lawyer. It’s hard. You experience resistance as well as potential friction, and it’s unavoidably uncomfortable.
Each ethic woven into the fabric of how you work is intertwined intimately with the essence of who you are. If your work is true.
If your heart is involved.
You feel this push pull of elated excitement twisting and caving into illusive moments of heavy doubt.
I guess that’s where patience pays off - navigating the grave moments that eventually pass and return to the more powerfully quite ones where there is more clarity to understand why it is that you’re doing what you’re doing.
Things are rarely what they seem. Earning a living and uniting with your purpose can happen.
But they will test every ounce of your being.
It’s important to make time for the in-between moments that exist and thrive in the absence of agenda.
In the rejection of propaganda.
Alone in your mother’s kiddy pool.

My journal has unintentionally been replaced with an influx of recollections of dreams lately.
I’ve always dreamt very vividly and complex. But recently they have been even more highly active.
Anyone else an active dreamer? Or have been having intense and intricate journeys during sleep?
This one was one of the more simple and sweeter ones. Not as intellectual or goal-oriented as most feel.
This one was purely emotional and felt very much like I was in a work of art. But isn’t that the living world after all? 🌹✨

We walk so cautiously,
We tread so quietly,
We learned well not to step
Too far outside of the realm
Of lines, boxes and time frames.
Hushed toes and the avoidance of egg shells,
We misinterpreted good behavior.
Each of us has a lion within us
That has been tranquilized into dormancy,
It comes alive in the giant moments of our disappointment,
But what if it’s power could
Also be utilized for our radical enjoyment?
Reactionary; we waste our energy.
Imagine using your own force for the creation of
A destiny of your choosing.
It’s about time we let a roar replace our silent waiting.
- Crystal Sloan

Taillights on a silent Sunday night,
Cool walks down the blocks
Of San Louis Obispo;
Soul stirred by foreign music
Sounding so familiar;
We get unearthed by emotion,
Painting the streets with
Our hope and confusion -
Only trying to pursue
The purpose of why
We have chosen
To arrive,
Reuniting or reinventing,
The story,
The mission,
The possibility we have
To rise into the place
We were designed
To fill
By choosing to enter
Into this world.
- Crystal Sloan

‘When We Pray Alone’
We are brought thick desserts, and we rarely refuse them.
We worship devoutly when we’re with others.
Hours we sit, though we get up quickly
after a few minutes, when we pray alone.
We hurry down the gullet of our wantings.
But these qualities can change,
as minerals in the ground rise inside trees
and become tree, as a plant faces an animal
and enters the animal, so a human
can put down the heavy
body baggage and
be light.
- Rumi
My favorite poem of his by far 🙌

I wish I could name this artist.
In Wichita, Kansas there has been an emerging art scene over the last couple years. They now annually commission artists to paint close to 30 murals all around town. They even have a map in which provides the location of each mural and the artist’s name who’s responsible for its creation.
So many pieces were vividly powerful in color and personality, emotionally they were very moving for me in a time where I direly needed it.
I was there in May, and this piece particularly stuck out the most.
I can’t dismiss how many people are retelling human history as well as depicting potential future outcomes of reality in their art. In their music. This surging of authentic information is spilling out in a time where we’ve begun to question a superficial and suppressed way of being.
We know there is more.
This to me is not necessarily the ancients dancing, it’s those who presently know how to work with the current energy. Those still connected to the land who hold the fire for humanity. Lineages of those who’ve preserved their practices for opening portals to higher dimensions. Below are different tribes of human, some more advanced than us. They hold their own light. This is the congregating of sectors of humanity who have been isolated from each other for thousands of years.
There may be aliens.
But consider that the human form is a desirable archetype.
We may need their help in the coming times.
Stay strong. Hold your light.
Everything will be just fine.
This to me is the unification and dissolution of an artificial sense of division; a merge into the light itself.
A dimensional shift.
Or maybe it’s just a really rad concert!
What do you see?

Breaking through layers -
Unkind and unwise;
Qualities that retire
When exposed to
Loving conditions.
We aim and we strive,
But we always come
Most alive
When we let go
Of the impulses
That crave
For radical attachment.
- Crystal Sloan

I’m fully alive in turbulent times
I’m ready when I’m unsettled
And this shouldn’t be as
As we allow it to be,
There’s change to be made -
And it’s all necessary.
When our time is limited
We utilize it more efficiently
We think more strategically
And we perceive things with a
More magical quality,
Life comes and goes
Within flutters of the human eye
Flaps of the wings of butterflies
And the petals of flowers
All awaiting the fall
Back to Earth,
It happens in a moment
In a spurt of alertness
In a twist of stars we call
The Milky Way;
In geometry, in math, in music,
It’s all explaining
Whatever it is
We were intended to experience
Right here
In the presence of our own breath.
- Crystal Sloan

Whatever comes...
Let it come.
Whatever goes...
Let it go.
Jump into the river.
And repeat again.

If you’re wondering about this Full Moon energy, the longest Total Lunar Eclipse of the century and entering into Mars Retrograde; I’m with you.
It’s not a negative time. But one of great intensity and a surging of subconscious revelations. We are being invited to slow down, to be honest, to release deep residual emotions, and to stand firm in our truth. Positive thoughts and expectations are very important at this time, so be sure to visualize brilliant outcomes - for this energy will carry us through for some time to come.
Realize we are all transitioning in some way. Be sensitive with yourself and others. Do not hide from what you are experiencing but rather utilize this energy so it may express itself through you as writing, art, movement, dance or any form of creation. Let yourself simply be and meditate with the intention of listening. Bring to mind those people who’ve left your life or you theirs, and surround these people and circumstances with loving forgiveness. Be bold in choosing love, for right now it is a crucial choice and will make a larger effect than we can perceive at this time. Look around for how you can better support yourself and your journey within your physical environment. If you feel heavy, lethargic, judgmental or negative switch your attention upon something that gives you inspiration.
If you’ve felt you’re losing forward momentum it is only because it is intended this way so we can turn our attention inwards. Your ceremonies and meditations are greatly important right now for yourself as well as the collective. The Total Lunar Eclipse begins at 1:20pm PST and will last 1hr and 43 minutes. It is time to let go of old beliefs and make room for new choices of how we wish to manifest our realities.
If you’re needing some support or clarity right now I would love to help you will a personal reading! DM me for more information.
Enjoy the waves! ✨🌕🌑✨

I’m not sure what lies ahead,
I’m not sure the path or the weather or the elevation,
I’m not sure if the things that will find me are real or intended for my distraction,
All I can do is walk,
All I can evoke is of my own,
All I can take responsibility for is how my two hands can come together or move apart,
And the words that fill them in their magnetism and impeding polarity shifts,
I can reach, but I can’t pull,
I can create, but I can’t rush,
I can design, but I can’t build alone -
This world will heal,
As soon as we want it bad enough.
- Crystal Sloan

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