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Join me for my last event of the year! I’ll be returning to The Open Book in Santa Clarita from 5pm-8pm this Friday December 14th.
Dalton Magee will be accompanying me on guitar for a reading of my first published poetry collection, ‘No Poem Left Behind’. We will have some unique poetry gifts as well as copies of the book available.
I will be there to sign copies, answer questions, and discuss life!
Your support means the world to me. This book was a transformational process about the territory of self-realization and navigating the unknown.
If you cannot make it and think you or a loved one would enjoy a copy send me a DM!
US shipping is free until the end of the year!✨

I can’t contain
What’s happening to me.
Painful growth spurts
Reaching towards
A delicate destiny.
Light breaking and falling
Into eyes
No longer mine,
No longer reflecting
Peripheral fear and
Hidden uncertainties -
I am certain of
Only one thing.
That I AM alive,
And this life;
Is meant for
Reflecting back,
Ample hope
And fervent affections.
My eyes
Have become
The things
They were intended
To assume,
More than
Clean windows
And open doors,
They are more
Like the evolution
Of flower petals
Burning color
Into a winter storm -
Keeping virtue
And falling out of narrative;
Simple intended
To preserve
A sense of wonder,
A reminder
That endurance
Isn’t always
In the craft
Of forging steel.
- Crystal Sloan

Unbound and unrestricted
Define yet,
Smooth to the touch.
We develop petals
That stem from our
Deepest truths
And the roots of who
We are.
Thirsty and unseen
We delicately bloom
Into new beginnings.
Innocently falling into
Paths we couldn’t see
Undoubtedly experiencing
More beautiful results
Than we could have ever
For ourselves.
- Crystal Sloan

I don’t want to be
Somebody’s quick remedy.
I don’t want to be
The anti-venom
To a toxified body.
I don’t want to be
The resurrected dream
To a tired mind.
I don’t want to do
The fixing;
The rearranging,
The conciliations.
I want someone
Who acknowledges
That great love,
Comes with great challenge.
Who sees complexity
As a courageous invitation
To rise into a
More than empty bliss and
And the sound
Of conflicted silences.
That newness emerges
From choosing
Compassion over judgment.
And that being tender hearted
Matters most when we feel
Our shoulders beginning
To freeze over.
- Crystal Sloan

‘Creative Exercise’
“When did we have to be the best, or number one, or fully understand something to try it? As children we would try anything willingly – at least once. Creativity should be contained with a heap of wonder and a large portion of curiosity. If that is hard, that means you need to push through it more. Attempt to use your imagination, even if it’s dusty.”
I talk freely on on my blog about our perceptions and blocks towards respecting our creativity and the creative process.
Why is it so misunderstood? Secluded? Assumptive?
Do only creative people have the luxury of creating?????
We are all creators.
If you don’t believe me, please go binge watch my newest favoritest friend; Bob Ross.
He gets it 😉
Link in bio.

I recently took up piano. I don’t know what I am doing. AT ALL. But, that’s okay. I’m having fun with it.
‘Learning to Love the Process’
Learning how to
Play music
Is like learning
How to ride waves of feeling.
Hand gliding currents of wind
And not always knowing quite where
It will take you;
It’s okay to let go
And release into the unknown,
It’s a place where one
Can’t be too critical
Or attached.
Learning to play music
Is getting used to
Aspects of ourselves
Surfacing without question.
Momentum into the nature
Of our internal fabric,
Learning to love more
Than good and bad -
Learning to love the process.
- Crystal Sloan

I don’t know who’s place it is to share what.
The momentum that has built from the over inundated blood drives in Thousand Oaks where so many people showed up only to be turned away in response to the the shooting tragedy, to the immediate fires of Woosley and Hill - with no time for grieving, some - no time for escaping. We’ve had some hits and it feels harder this time, closer to the heart. The world makes us tender, and perhaps with every hit of the mallet, we do indeed soften.
I have so much to say, about all of it. I have so many perspectives and scales and weights on both ends. So many feelings and thoughts and questions. And then I simply find myself running around in the midst of it all clawing for my actions to have any real meaning. To take root. To make any tangible difference, and - am I doing enough? Is it ever really enough? Then I must go back to calm - sitting; breath. For all those who have lost in this, my heart sings quietly a prayer not limited to words, it is fluid and thick - like water. You must try harder to keep your wick lit in the wind. Please, be with those around you. Not just your family; anyone you meet. Make eye contact, real eye contact. Ask how they are doing, look deeper into them and ask them how they are feeling. Put a hand on their shoulder. The way out is through - through the heat, through the flame, through the ash. It’s not important to be okay right now. It’s only important to be real and raw, even if it’s uncomfortable. Even if it’s too vulnerable, that’s what we need. Vulnerability. We can’t shut each other out, we must rest our grief in the circle of the room and asked that it be viewed by all in attendance. To become soothed by acknowledgement. To be invited into embraces, to be held, in whatever way we may need.
Promise me, you’ll turn to your left — and love on that person. Turn to your right, repeat.
Spend time with your children, play silly games, tell your partner how deeply appreciative you are for their affection.
Say I love you.
Say I’m sorry.
Say Thank you.
Say I forgive you.
Say whatever is sitting in your belly.
And embrace the awkwardness that unfolds from change.
Try to keep smiling. It’s a superpower!❤

This has been an incredibly exciting time!!!
I’ve waited since January 6th to come forth and dreamt many moons about getting in front of people and sharing this project in its totality. The poems, the process, the vulnerability.
I couldn’t imagine having anyone else by my side! Dalton, your talent as a guitarist is superb! Your heart is HUGE! And your humor rivals all my nerves away. This has been such a comfortable, collaborative and freely expressive environment that we have created together. The intention was to cultivate that in others and we’re doing it. Whether it’s simply by showing up, sharing with others looking to self-publish, speaking on universal life experience, or connecting with children who want to know how long you’ve been playing guitar and if I have children’s books available 😂 (trust me; on the way!) It has been real, raw and authentic. Everything I expected... and more! Thanks for being my more and the calm in my creative storm. Today we’re in Simi Valley but the last chance to catch us is next weekend in Northridge! 💋
Look to previous posts for dates and times 💙
Also follow @theraysjam to get more of Dalton Magee and his whereabouts.

The beginning of a New Year.
Every birthday doesn’t have to be a notch, it’s a reset.
Like a new moon or fertile soil, it’s a time to bring even more intentionality to life.
It’s a very personal full circle, and it starts again as we move into the next cycle.
I can’t tell you where I should be, and I’m at the point where naturally people feel inclined to prepare you for aging, for pain, for disappointment and the realities of unavoidable life experience.
But to me, it’s like revealing the end of a good movie. I understand all the excitement, but I’m dedicated to having my own ending. My own version. My own unfoldment.
I’m in the drivers seat and my car feels like it’s very ready for a spectrum of speeds, varying terrains, and an inclination to hit every lookout along the way.
I know where I’ve been.
But I’m even more excited about where I’m going.
Even if it’s as simple as continuing to navigate the very real depths of my own chest.
I trust I will go where I must, meet whom I am meant to, feel what is necessary, let go of what no longer resonates, and continue to share my greatest passions.
That is my Truth, and also, my Prayer.
“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
- Howard Thurman

“Cuz diamonds they fade,
And flowers they bloom,
And I’m tellin’ you...
These feelings won’t go away.
They’ve been knockin’ me sideways.”
Citizen Cope
‘The temporal nature of things,
We value what we’ve been taught to,
While nature waits in the west wing of our
Dormant wanderings,
We are pleaded with to see,
The importance of what exists
No where else
But right beneath our longing feet.’
-Crystal Sloan

I can’t take away
The ailments of your mind.
It all ebbs and flows anyway.
We so wish to remove
Our pain,
Our displeasure,
But we aren’t very excited
For the gain
Of all our losses.
We resist change,
And seem to desire to stay the same more.
We can plan a single funeral,
But when the shedding of who we’re not actually occurs,
It may call for twelve.
And instead of seeing the lightness,
The space,
The newness creating itself -
We gasp while parts of who
We’ve always thought we’ve been
Fall to the floor.
We perceive their shadows as mocking us,
We feel the eyes of others speaking conversations with our insecurities
And somehow we feel on the
Outside of it all,
But that’s the mistake -
The true revelation
Takes place far from eyes
And collective acknowledgement.
It happens within.
And in the absence of timid complaints.
Deep in the center field of your own love.
- Crystal Sloan

If you would have asked me about my day; it was one of those in which you would have supported me in my decision to maybe hit the ground and stay a while.
But I didn’t lie down. I remained patient. Mostly with myself.
Living your truth isn’t easy.
Putting out pieces of yourself that are true whether it’s in the form of writing poetry, your work as an auto mechanic, or your reputation as a lawyer. It’s hard. You experience resistance as well as potential friction, and it’s unavoidably uncomfortable.
Each ethic woven into the fabric of how you work is intertwined intimately with the essence of who you are. If your work is true.
If your heart is involved.
You feel this push pull of elated excitement twisting and caving into illusive moments of heavy doubt.
I guess that’s where patience pays off - navigating the grave moments that eventually pass and return to the more powerfully quite ones where there is more clarity to understand why it is that you’re doing what you’re doing.
Things are rarely what they seem. Earning a living and uniting with your purpose can happen.
But they will test every ounce of your being.
It’s important to make time for the in-between moments that exist and thrive in the absence of agenda.
In the rejection of propaganda.
Alone in your mother’s kiddy pool.

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