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Pramesti  Joyful Moshy ❤️

Pakai GO-RIDE enak bgt karena cepat dan praktis!! Yang di Jabodetabek selamat menikmati diskon 80% dari @gojekindonesia kalau pakai GO-PAY yahh! #HidupTanpaBatas


@biyanofficial's numero uno supporters!!

Aunt and Niece at @biyanofficial's annual show ❤️

#YogaAnchorsAll Acroyoga Photo Exhibition
A Journey of Self Enlightment through Your 7 Chakras
At @Plaza_Indonesia, 1st floor, 6 May - 5 June 2017

@PENYOGASTAR X @MestyAriotedjo
I LOVE in @MaxMara
Photographer @DieraBachir
Stylist @CarenDelano
Concept @AndrySusanto
Publicist @TussyHapsary
Make up @PrastitaPontjo
Lighting @Uplightpro
Decoration @AiryDesigns
Video @AlexoPictures
DI Artist @DiditZulu

#penyogastar #yoga #acroyoga #plazaindonesia

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. Religion doesn't define us! Our hearts that really do!!! Bless all the people with kind and loving hearts including these people on my photograph. I love you my Hindu sister @komangayuferdiana, my Catholic sister @sandradewi88, my Christian sister @stephanienovia, my chinese sisters @kartikalin, and my muslim sisters @dewiandarini @dianaisyah @shahnazanindya. Thanks for showering me with love despite all the differences that we have! and To Pak @basukibtp and family, you are loved! Many people pray for you, including me! Stay strong , Pak! People lets get up! Our nation need more and more of positive people, who don't judge, but DO right!

Thank you, Ai 🌺

SVARGA - Gilang Indonesia Gemilang. Shall we do this again, guys? #missplayingmusicwithyouguys @dewiandarini on vocal, @andreasarianto on accordeon, @redsn4pper on cello, @tysontirta on contra bass, Dave on violin 1, Denny on violin 2, and Reynard on viola!

If i can only choose one job in this world, what should i be? A doctor or a musician? #reminiscing #moshymissplayingharp #moshymisspracticing 🌻

Cheeky booomerangg 😌 The Prawirakusumahs ❤️

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