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  Currently posting from the US :) Mostly pics of food and dogs♡ Happily married :) Genuine followers only. Pls do NOT post my photos w/o permission.

因みに、エリーのチンピラオラオラ攻撃を受けるのはもっぱらこのゴールデンたちです 笑
Ellie and her boys ❤
She told me she wants to be a retriever when she grows up. She's started copying the golden boys and can now fish balls out of the shallow end of the lake!
And she looooves playing zoomies and wrestling with the beagle mix😍

Another 2 hour session at the dog park. And of course she still didn't want to leave at the end of it! Mama walked for at least 3 miles according to the GPS, and since Ellie wanders around and goes in and out of the trails more, I think she's probably doing at least double of what I do.

Hoarder case.
She likes to collect things. Today she found all the balls scattered around the house and once she had them all lined up and satisfied with her own work, she promptly started to take her morning nap 😂 #special

This is Ellie not wanting to leave the dog park 😂❤
I'm impressed at how much of her personality has come out in the last couple months, but at the same time I would also like to get home, especially since it's been 2 hours already.

久しぶりに#おうちごはん でも‎(❁´◡`❁)
Organic ranch means it's healthy, right??😂
Roasted a chicken last night and now I'm having leftover chicken with veggie sandwich for lunch ❤

可愛いなぁ❤ エリー❤
Current view. She is so stinking cute 😍❤

How. How did you get so dirty!?!?
You don't even go in the water at the dog park!! And Daddy just gave you a bath a couple days ago... 😂
I guess she had fun though...😂😂

楽しい楽しい楽しいよ〜♡なエリーと、エリーの大好きなお友達‎(❁´◡`❁) このドッグラン、会員制なのですが25エーカーもあって本当に素敵なところなのです!半分くらいは林のままの状態で、その間を何本もの獣道が通っていて、リスや鳥が沢山いてエリーの1番のお気に入り♡ もう半分はこのビデオの池のあるエリアや、小型犬専用のエリア、夜専用エリア、アジリティコースのあるエリアなどに分かれています‎(❁´◡`❁) フロリダ嫌いだけど、このドッグランだけはかなり気に入りました!エリーさんは毎日通ってるからお友達もたくさんできたよ♡
Ellie and her favourite friends😊
This is the dog park I take Ellie to every day! It's a members only 25 acres of fenced in doggy heaven!! About half of it is all forestry with many trails going through the entire area. It's Ellie's absolute favourite to chase the squirrels in there! And this area in the video is the big open grassy field with a big lake. There are also little dogs area, night time area, agility course area... and even though I really dislike Florida, this dog park has been a blessing! I take Ellie over there every single day and she has made so many new friends and has become so much more confident!!☺️❤

Happy St. Patty's day!!!
Ellie is celebrating #stpatricksday in style with her green pict hat that mama knitted for her❤

She's become more and more expressive ❤
Knitted her a hat. Stylin' like a boss!😏

今日は雨の予定らしいので、いつもは夕方から行くドッグランに朝行ってきました!いつもと違う顔ぶれに最初少し戸惑っていたエリーだけど、新しいお友達をたくさん作って、2時間たっぷり遊んできてお家に着いてからノックアウト‎(❁´◡`❁) We usually go to the dog park in the evenings but it's supposed to rain today so we went in the morning instead. Lil girl was a little confused as to why there were so many new faces there but made lots of new friends and played for 2 whole hours ❤ now she's knocked out and catching up on her afternoon nap sesh😍

I know it's super blurry but this is one of my favourite pictures of her ❤
Look how happy she is guys!!😍

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