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Just so you know... Happy Valentine’s Day!

Giants won the #SuperBowl with this hilarious Dirty Dancin’ end zone celebration.

Hardly home, but always reppin’ #BigBlue 🏆🏆🏆🏆

I’m back! This year, I’m running for Honor Humanity, the non-profit I launched with @chef2thestars that raises money for people impacted by tragedy, sudden loss or are food insecure. More details to follow for sure, just wanted to get the word out. #MessRunsBK

Grandma Ida & Uncle Carlos 💓#TBT

We laid my uncle Carlos Wallace to rest yesterday. I will always remember him as a vibrant, joyful, and caring man. His life was built on challenging himself and others. Uncle Carlos pushed himself to see what he was capable of, and trust, it was a lot. He touched so many lives, made many friends and became extended family because his heart was so big and capable. I’m going to miss my IT guru. Love you.

First year in the books. We went on so many adventures and changed so many shitty diapers 😩#TBT

1.1.18 - Father/Son shenanigans

Welcome to 2018! Blessed and grateful to see another year. Ready for the adventures to come!

Let’s see. Tehya, Kassidy and pics of me living my best life took the top spots in ‘17. I have a feeling ‘18 is going to pop too. #bestnine2017

Kassidy out here repping #BigBlue! 📸 by @osodiva

Once I took the obligatory pics by the sign, I entered the world of Louis Vuitton. #VolezVoguezVoyagez is an inspiring exhibition. When we think about LV, we think fashion, but these guys were innovators. They designed luggage systems, solved problems for their customers, invited other designers to collaborate, and made sure their work stood out from the rest. As a Creative, I urge you to check out the exhibit while it’s here in NYC, or when it comes to a city near you.

I ran my first half marathon in 2017. 2018 will see me run 2 half marathons a full marathon and spartan races. My time today was slow as shit, indicative of a lack of training. But honestly, running is more mental than physical. You condition your mind to endure while you condition your body. You release your ego to tell yourself you’re the only one running the race when you see 8 year old kids fly past you. Lol. So today I sucked, but I’m already training for my 2018. See you on the road! #JingleBellJog #FitMess

Meet Kassidy, my favorite niece!

There’s a war going on outside, no one is safe from. A war against the less fortunate. So we’re going to help some folks have a good Thanksgiving, and maybe inspire a few to help in their own way. #SocietyofSoles

I missed you baby 💓

Still trying to figure out how I fit into the race car. #TBT to the time I drove a NASCAR at Richard Petty’s Driving School.

Hov ripped through a good 30 songs from 12 albums. Great show and great flow. #444Tour

Just got my copy of @petesouza’s book: OBAMA An Intimate Portrait. So many beautiful images. I can’t wait to dive in.

Black MBA ‘07. 1st Year grad students trying to snag that summer internship. Oh, and MLT’s John Rice with the photobomb. #TBT

Youngish, Gifted & Black

Where are my #BodyWarriors! It’s #TransformationTuesday Let me change your body and your life!

College days when the hairline was flourishing. #TBT

What started as a small gathering of friends is now the greatest party in the world. #HennyPalooza 5th Year Anniversary @ Terminal 5. For the culture.

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