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greys anatomy | team merder  he had a thing for ferryboats, and she had a thing for him


— 3.07
i miss these two together sigh what an underrated friendship
qotd derek or richard?
aotd derek💗💗💗

— 13.14
jo 🗣 wilson 🗣 deserves 🗣 the 🗣 world 🗣
qotd did you like the recent episode ??
aotd ahh yes it was so intense but i hated how they left us on a cliff hanger like that akfkak 😩

— 3.07
i actually rlly liked this episode 😂
qotd alex or callie?
aotd ahh i love both but alex my baby💘💘

— 2.12
this scene was hilarious 😂 i miss old greys aw

— 14.07 (spoiler)
whoop whoop look who's posting 🙋🏼
when i saw this scene i immediately thought of what zola said aww
fc @ignitefilters 😍
— qotd rate 14.07 out of 10
— aotd 10 !! 💓

okay i’m gonna change my filter so maybe that’ll give me more inspo to edit !! 1/3

— 8x24
this episode messed with my emotions so much i can't
qotd lexie or mark?
aotd i love both akdka

— i stan one (1) queen👏🏻
cc mxrphy
ac classicpewds
voiceover ib hannigramstiel
dt @pompeosgreys @greysforbes @darktwistymer @worldgreys @moaningolitz & any mer stan
i hope this makes up for my lack of posting 😪
[#omgpage #greysanatomy]
yes this is my edit, the watermark is for my vid acc:)

— 10x03
i loved this storyline so much omg it was so funny and cute
qotd | fav greys kid ?
aotd | probably zola or harriet idk i love all of em

— 4x10
sorry for not posting in awhile again whoops🤧
qotd | what time do you usually go to bed?
aotd | usually around 12am