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gia | 72 days  he had a thing for ferryboats, and she had a thing for him <3

i like me better when i’m with you
ac celestiallucaya on sc | cc cordueva | tc mine
for @s.erenities @pagingbyers @n.acrees @greysforbes @delenasrisen

first one is for @pagingalex 💞
ik how much you love jo so i hope you like this :))
ac xgotham on sc | cc cordueva

happy birthday chloe !! ilysm
i hope u have the best birthday ever <33
ac comedicas | cc cordueva
for @greysanatomyjr 💘

enjoy this old edit of my parents 💞
cc cordueva
for @darktwistymer @greysforbes @xcambridges @delenasrisen @greysanatomyjr @mer.pompeo

at least i think i do...
ac twdfrenzy | cc cordueva
for @worldgreys @dreamyrobbins @greysforbes @bloodysurgeons @starrycapshaw

i miss you so much derek christopher shepherd
ac galsaudios | cc cordueva
for @greysforbes @delenasrisen @darktwistymer
@doctordempsey @dereks.mp4 @happilygreys

i stan the og doc👨‍⚕️
ac xbings | cc cordueva
for @greysforbes @ofcgreys
@pompeosgreys @delenasrisen

all the broken hearts in the world still beat
ac lavishgilbert | cc cordueva
for @greysforbes @pompeosgreys
@postitvows @mersbrooke @greysglobe

i’m missing you
ac kuteaudios | cc cordueva
for @lexiesloan_ @dr.littlegrey @greysforbes
@theslexipedia @madslloves @jcapshaws (srry bb🤧)

i just need you now
ac _diaphaneity | cc cordueva
for @greysforbes @delenasrisen @mer.pompeo @greysinc

i feel like i’m dying inside
ac jafaels | ib jaimeysedits | cc cordueva
for @darktwistymer


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