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greys anatomy | team merder  — he had a thing for ferryboats and she had a thing for him

go callie👏🗣
were you on [callies] side in this or izzies?

back to regular screen caps !!
look at these babies
ib @neurosderek
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new theme 3/3

new theme 2/3

new theme 1/3

i loved this parallel aw i miss the grey sisters
[mer] or lexie?

I've posted this parallel before on my account but oh 🐳
[derek] or george?

he proved her wrong. he was an amazing father ❤️
[mark] or addison?
*oh and tysm @tyleethurber for telling me the episode number of the mark and addison scene:)

M Y F E E L S 😭
they deserved everything and more
S13 finale or [S6 finale]?

nope ☹️
[mer] or george?
this is my 200th post wowza

this makes me emo
what parallel should i do next?

the blending is bad rip😂
what's your fav tragedy that mer has gone through?

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