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Happy first day of summer! Today is a day for frolicking and indulging in the unique experience that is the solstice. But then also gotta get down to business prepping for the rest of the year 🤩! Remember summer is your most valuable season!!! (Confused? Click the link in my profile to find out why!)
⛱ what are your plans for the summer?

Hey hustlebuds, I was just on live in my Facebook group talking about they recent etsy news regarding the free increase and subscription plan - if you want to watch it, join my group at (that’s the url!) or search creative life happy life on Facebook and look under groups! I tried to answer and respond to some of the most pressing questions and concerns! See you there

😭 episode 63 is live today and that’s a wrap on season 3 !
Thank you so much for listening to and for sharing these episodes.
Please fill out the podcast survey if you are a podcast listener! The link is in the episode 💛🙌🏻
What was your favorite season 3 episode?

I recorded the season finale of #merripodcast season 3 today.
It goes live tomorrow.
Recording episodes the day before they are published is not something I enjoy doing - I try to have the entire season finished before any of it goes live but... life.
And life the past twelve months has been insane so I’m actually quite pleased that only a few episodes were last minute finishes and only this one was recorded the day before release.
((So this can be your little reminder that not everything you see on the internet is peaches and dandelions.))
Anyway I hope you have enjoyed season 3! See you tomorrow for one last episode!

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Did you hear tuesday’s episode of #merripocast ?
🎄 it was as all about visualizing your ideal December as a maker in business and how to get there in reality.
🎄if you’re hoping for a profitable and sane holiday season (And why wouldn’t you be?) you will definitely want to check that episode out!
Ps if you think it’s way too soon to be talking about December, you’re wrong and you definitely need to listen!

It was a rough week guys. Between Kate spade, Valentine and @anthonybourdain ... this is my fifth post in a row that is basically about loss.
Thank you all again for your words on my past few posts, IG has halted my ability to like your comments for a while because there were a lot of them. I appreciate them all. This picture has nothing to do with anything.
Going to try to move back into normal posting now but holy shit. What a week.
Check on your people.

Valentine never suffered in life or death and for that I am so so thankful. We never saw her at a point where it was “any day now.”
We arrived in New York to camp grandma on Monday - my parents house, valentines favorite place in the whole world. We had no reason to believe she wouldn’t make it back to VA after our little vacation. On Tuesday we took her to her favorite spot, a little boat launch where the pavement runs into the water, the watery walkway as we called it and she put her feet in the water and sniffed the air and loved it as always.
We had a normal happy day with her and snuggled though three hours of the sound of music and that night it was her time. She did me an enormous favor - I was here with her in her favorite place with my husband and my mom - all of her favorite people except for my dad were here with her.
Valentine lived a happy life with us for five years and I am so so grateful to have had that experience. She taught me so much - and I will feel a piece of me is missing probably forever but she was worth everything.
I’m thankful to the amazing doctors who helped her, the compassionate people who made scary times easier and the science that made it possible for us to have as much quality time together as possible.
I never spoke about valentines issues because I never wanted anyone to tell me about their dog with the same issue or a dog they knew with the same issue, I went very very far out of my way to protect myself from outside stories that I would inevitable compare ours to, and knowing the way I am I knew I had to be careful with that. I also never googled anything about dogs because I knew I couldn’t handle all the outside stories. It was clear that valentines case was very different and she never progressed according to their expectations.
She was always a little extra!
And seriously if you live in or near Annapolis and your dog or cat ever needs a cardio evaluation call CVCA. I cannot thank them enough for everything they did for us!
Again, appreciate all your words of support. 💕💕💕 3/3 I underestimated on the first one lol @cvcavets

The Drs and Staff at CVCA supported valentine and Her humans in a way I never could have expected. Literally felt like valentine was the only patient whenever we went there or spoke to them.
Between August and December valentine had several syncopal episodes due to low blood pressure. This presents like a seizure and can be really scary. Her doctor adjusted her meds and got those under control. She had only one or two syncopal events this year.
Also over the fall and winter we discovered she was experiencing incredibly high heart rates, exceeding 250 bpm sometimes. Of course the first time this happened I rushed her to the ER, and again, medicine resolved her issue in clinic and we were sent home with a new oral medication to control her arrhythmia. Ultimately valentine would have several kinds of arrhythmias and such - APC, VPC, Ventricular tachycardia and supra-ventricular tachycardia. She took another two human medicines for these - if you watch Grey’s you’ve seen humans on the show with all of these who take same meds valentine did.
By October 2017 valentine was taking meds four times a day - which sounds god awful but she remained happy and able bodied. She was 14 years old In February, if you didn’t know any better you’d think she had nothing wrong with her - she continued to do all the things dogs do the way older dogs do them. Even as recently as last week she was running after toys.
In January I started taking her to see her cardiologist every month. Valentine remained stable and her heart rates, rhythms and function continued to be “remarkable” considering how advanced and layered her heart disease was until literally the very very end.
She never had to be hospitalized or went into congestive heart failure. She never suffered in life or death.
I am so thankful for that. I’m so thankful we were able to care for her the way she needed and able to take her to such an amazing doctor who cared for her so well. He was smart, compassionate and proactive but never suggested doing anything that would impact valentines quality of life negatively. He and we were in the same page: quality over quantity, ultimately valentine had both! 2/3

Thank you for all the kind words of understanding and support. I am of course still completely heartbroken but it help to hear that others understand how losing a fur baby can feel just so awful.
I made it a habit of not posting too much about valentine here simply because I felt like she was one of my most special things and sometimes social media can be weird and I didn’t want those two things to ever interact in a negative or distracting way.
But I wanted to tell her story here a little bit now.
We rescued valentine when she was 9 and found out immediately she had degenerative valve disease in her heart, she was on medicine at least twice a day since six months after we got her. Her condition was such thatobviously it would never improve and best case scenario was try to make that process slower.
Even so, her first cardiologist gave her a 2-2.5 year prognosis. She outlived that by three years.
We saw a doggy cardiologist every six months for about 4 years and then we started going every 3 months as things progressed and she developed other heart issues caused by her leaking valves and muscle compensation.
After about three years on two human meds they added a canine only heart med to her regimen and she continued to be her happy little self. I’m so grateful to doctors and science.
Through all of this she never showed the sustained clinical signs of congestive heart failure after 2, 3, 4 years and up until yesterday. Never coughed, never had fluid in her lungs... for the past two years the drs have been telling me it was “remarkable” that she’s remained so stable an asymptomatic. Remember they told me not to expect her to live beyond 2.5 years.
Last August after we moved to Annapolis I had an emergent situation (that looked and felt a lot scarier than it actually turned out to be) that lead me to an amazing place called CVCA (if you have a dog or cat with cardiac issues in the VA/MD area look them up.) and we started seeing an incredible doctor there who ultimately played an enormous role in our lives. 1/3 @cvcavets

My bff, my tiny baby. She was with me for everything. 💔 she was the most amazing little soul I’ve ever encountered and I’ll miss her forever. It was a blessing to have this sweet little baby in my life. My little Valentine. I’m so relieved she never suffered. We had almost exactly five years together after I found her on Facebook. We were meant to be together.

As an artistic kid who liked color and fashion, Kate spade was often used as an example.
“You could be the next Kate spade” etc
It was clear to me even as a child who had no means to buy or purpose for her brand, that she was an icon and she was known for her creativity and design which was hugely motivating to me even if I knew nothing else about her at the time.
In recent years I’ve gotten to know her brand and have loved multiple pieces. Even though she’s not been physically part of the company for some time, her influence and legacy have been there. It goes without saying that she was talented, driven and clearly had a great entrepreneurial spirit - al of which I admire.
The circumstances surrounding her death are tragic.
Sad day. RIP

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