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Danielle •Merriweather Council  ✂️#Maker 💛☕️ 🎧#merripodcast 🤱🏻#Etsy Training Course 🧚🏼‍♂️The Council 💪🏼teaching you how to turn your #crafty tendencies into profits like I have! 👇🏼

We are at the peak of holiday hustle! And that’s why today’s episode is SO important.
🎧Episode 067 of #merripodcast is all about what to track right now to make next season even better!
✔️you will NOT remember next year.
🎧use the link in my bio to listen now!
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If you haven’t heard this one yet, do it! It’s an instant classic #merripodcast episode and the topic is so so important for all business owners!
🖤🎧 @thejoyfuljewelrybox on episode 66

Hey Blake. It was cool hanging out with you last night. Hope you liked all those episodes of Boy Meets World we watched. Need to go to bed earlier tonight tho. Sorry. Ttyl.

The best thing I do for my shop all summer is prep for the holidays. Never regret doing extra but always regret not doing enough.

🤓 you’ve probably heard everything else from everyone else - now you can hear my $00.02
🎧link is in my bio now or you can click to

Felt called to recreate this image today 🤣🤣🤣
Feeling lucky and blessed to have the opportunity to live my creative life dreams! So many tiny letters going out into the world tomorrow.

Thank you so much for tuning in to the first two episodes of season 4 on #merripodcast !!
🖤I can’t wait for you to hear Thursday’s episode in which I will address something that has TRULY gotten a lot of makers in a tangle the past few months. I fully expect to hear from loads of you about it 😛 I really hope it helps!
😜any guesses?

“The jewelry is the vehicle for my message.” - @thejoyfuljewelrybox
🖤and the message is SO IMPORTANT
🎤this episode is gunna blow your socks straight off your feet which is good because then you can use the socks as tissue when you cry your eyes out. Okay maybe that’s weird but you get the idea.
🎧I can’t thank Lindsay enough for taking the time to share all of this with us. She has done an INCREDIBLE job weaving her personal and career history into her brand and building a business that does important and meaningful work while allowing her to be creative and support her family. Literally what could be better?!
🖤if you HAVE to hear this (which you do!) click the link in my bio!

IT’S BACK! #merripodcast season 4 starts today!!
🖤you can hear ep 64 AND ep 65 today!! Find us on iTunes and stitcher!
🎤link in my bio to episode 65 which is an absolute MUST hear.
🎧Big thanks to allllll the people who helped make season four happen including my guests (I won’t name them all so as not to ruin the surprise yet but you know there’s a follow up T Swift episode coming with @kimartdesigns because I mentioned that on ep 64 and you MUST HEAR ep 65 out today with @thejoyfuljewelrybox ), my biz bestie squad who listened to me lament many an issue 🙃, @howtofailpodcast who helped me behind the scenes and saved the day(s), @jenhatzung who convinced me to do a podcast in the first place, LAUNCH SQUAD - the most incredible supporters ever, and all of YOU who inspired these episodes with your curiosity and enthusiasm. #creativelifehappylife

And I apologize for the dead air on the end of 64, 🤣🤔 #shithappens

Live footage of me prepping the final pieces of the #merripodcast season 4 drop which happens TOMORROW!!
(... I wish this was actually what today might look like so let’s just pretend 🤣)
🖤 tell me what your favorite episode of merripodcast has been so far and why and I’ll share in on my story!

How’s that holiday hustle going?
It came into my recollection that I have a lot of ornaments and a few Christmas specific hoops left over from my October show that I’m quite honestly too busy to photo and list fully so I’m going to post them on my stories throughout the week.
Sometimes that’s the way it is. And the pieces are all really cute for the holidays so I’d rather someone enjoy them than they sit in a box for a year or more because sometimes my implementation time is very slow lol. Other times, extremely fast.
(Did I mention that running two businesses is 🤣🤯🤔)
Anyone else hate the process of listing something that you can’t copy a description from somewhere else for? 🤣🤣🤣

I love hosting my monthly membership community because it allows me to be a small part of some very big dreams!

But also because we can make big things happen without irresponsible actions or scary huge investments which I know is important when I get emails like this one.

Big dreams sometimes involve big investments of time and effort or even money. Whether those dreams are personal or business related.

But when resources are limited, that’s a tough sacrifice.

Thankfully when you’re a council member you can learn a lot, access a lot and be part of something amazing without having to spend a lot of money or exert a lot of energy or waste a lot of time.

One month alone members got a 30 minute google analytics training they can watch back over and over, we had a great live call, learned from a guest expert all about how to use Facebook better for business and we also posted a member requested shop critique.

That was just the one 4 week span!! And the council has existed for nearly 2 years !! Members can access everything that’s ever been added to the council. So pumped for another month ahead with my members especially as we work through the holiday season. Support is critical and transformations are inevitable 🖤🖤join us at the link in my bio so you can access everything ASAP

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