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Merrick Morris  Every tragedy that you allow, all will be for your glory and my good...


God has a plan for our lives, I'm praying your apart of it #meressaftw

Sometimes I wonder what I ever did to deserve you #meressaftw

If you described my current life to me about two years ago, I probably would have called you an idiot. I never really cared in believing in God but now I put him in the center of my life. I never cared about other people but I treat every person as a child of God. God has moved in my life so much more then I can describe. It's literally supernatural. I'm thankful for the people that were always there for me ❤️ #truefriends #lifechange #GodisReal #Hope

Mvmnt camp 2017 was something I still can't explain and it's a couple days later. The one thing I can make out of it, God was present. I thought I was good on life. I thought I was doing everything God told me to do. But he opened my eyes to, everything. The things I was doing right and wrong. It made me think about every aspect of my life and I'm so grateful for this experience. It was kind of like the eclipse, except it definitely won't be the last time I witness it.

I didn't take many pictures of camp, but this one was definitely worth the waiting. Levi wasn't paying attention and ate a volleyball for dinner

Baby's give me great joy. Especially this little guy, the miracle from God (literally, his mothers tubes were tied and he wasn't suppose to be born). I'm excited to prove I can be a good brother!

If only we were as free as nature

When asked if you had to lose one sense, which one would it be, I don't think any of us are crazy enough to lose our sight. Honestly, site is the one thing that we should lose. Our eyes deceive us. They see something that God intended as a blessing, as something dangerous. They see an obstacle as impossible, and finally they see friends as enemys. When you're walking with God, your sight is just extra, because he will lead the way into something that will bear fruit, not something that will harm you.

God light my path. I don't know the way, I'm surrounded by darkness and can't see clearly, but you are my torch, and you guide me.

"Always look before you go" - wise Instagram captions by @desireecmorris

Sometimes, you need to break free of the rhythm of life, and go against the 'norm'

God I just pray that you pour your love out onto me. The difference between this water that is pouring onto this wheel is you will drink it and be satisfied, but only temporarily, if you drink Gods water that he pours onto your life, you will never thirst.

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