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Yesterday while at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens, there was a guy in his sixties, wearing a canvas hat and shorts, whistling then singing, "there's never a bad day here in paradise." I said, "you know you're lucky to work here." He said, "I know, but I don't work here, I just come as a volunteer every weekend. That guy (points to a guy in his seventies) is the lucky guy to work here." And then he proceeds to tell me all about the plants that look like rocks and brains, all native to Africa. We chat a while longer then he lets me have alone time with my camera. A gal walks in, probably in her late fifties and the two fellows are surprised she's there. I over hear a part of their conversation when they talk about the anniversaries of their heart attacks. "Mine was seven years ago." "Seven years already?" When was yours, Bob? "20 years ago." (Bob, or whatever the name) and the guy in the canvas hat said, "since my heart attack, everything is different. Life is different. Everyone should have a heart attack." He met me outside about ten minutes later, showed me some lizards who were either going to fight, or make love. | #stories #life #BePresent #mindfulness #happy #photography #theHuntingtonLibrary #gmaster

I imagine jumping out of my car sometimes, especially now that the hills are green. Mulholland is something beautiful about Los Angeles, lined with wild flowers and shrubs, dotted with tiny castles thick with stories and shiny egos. I could photograph anything here. I regrettably decide not to jump, but sit in my car and be the snakes belly as a hundred cars glide up the winding road, slowly, seductively, pressed against the hillside. I stare out my window--I was in one of those tiny castles the other day, it was abandoned for several years I was told. It was a wedding gift that someone didn't want. I thought about it, too long I think, about the luxury of denying a gift like that. Or, perhaps she just wanted love. I stuck my camera out of my window and took this picture on my way home from work. I can't shake the lonely castle, or the fact that I have yet to jump into the hills. | #journal #mernwrites #losangeles #writersofinstagram #naturephotography

"I have to shave my hairy monster face,"
he said, and I thought it was both manly and childish.
He went into the bathroom and I, dreading another day of forcing myself to
make money, stretched face down into my
organic-cotton-knit-sweater-like blanket-- oh "hygge" hold me.
I reached over, Maya always so near,
always writing about her blackness, and played Russian roulette, my favorite. Page 165
"An' ain't we all Black, An' ain't we all bad"
Yeah, we bad, I thought. Yeah, we bad.
He comes out of the bathroom shaven, before I could even finish the poem and
my thoughts.
Damn, that was fast baby.
He said, "was it?"
He leans over and says, "I'm giving you a second kiss today." And plants one on my forehead.
It's my lucky day, I respond.
Digging my body into the bed, leaving my book unattended, still in my pajamas 15 minutes before I have to leave for work. | #mernwrites #poetry #poet #poem #words #mayaangelou #muse #life #hygge #simplicity #photography #books #writersofinstagram

what is one hundred years,
but only time folded into time,
a fool wears a centennial crown and calls it progress--
man is just man folded into man
becoming more of himself in another time--
while evolution waits patiently to be discovered in empathy. | #words #wisdom #mernwrites #think #poet #poetry

You pierced her soul with your sharp tongue; but when she's filled with love, light shines through her like the sun. | #poet first #jah through #me , filled with #light #amen #words

This is dedicated to Peter. I pray that your spirit find a sweet opening soon to meet the love of the universe. In the center of that love, I pray you hear us there thanking you for the happiness you always greeted us with. I remember you said you enjoyed watching me run in heels with both kids in my arms and blankets dripping, hurrying before work, dropping off my babies with my mom early morning. I bet you saw me fall that one time and I bet you laughed, and that's ok. I owe you what you've given me--joy. I love you Peter. | #spirit #prayer #universe #love #one #nature #stars #IAM

#internationalwomensday -- the one and only #Frida 🙌🏼 my alter ego.

Dear perfect timing,
I'm ready. | When I pray to change my mindset on a challenge I face, sometimes the good outcome that I expect isn't immediate. And, I feel like I'm pushing against waves coming toward me. But there are calmer waters beyond, there is an island to reach, there is something else-- just like a day breaks, just like turbulence subsides, you push thru. We 'can be' renewed with every day we are given. I lean on those strong enough to lift me up when my head goes under, and there are some who let me swallow water--but it strengthens my own will. And that's how challenges work. I don't see the sun in the evening, but I know it will come. And just as God has given all things a cycle--life is not stagnant-- if you are alive, your challenge will pass. The beautiful thing about it is, it's your choice to stay, or to move. I can already see what I want manifested; it's so clear, I just have to get there. | #words #life #sunrise #ocean #waves #Carlsbad #perfecttiming #photography #naturephotography #a6000

When your lower back reacts, but your love hasn't touched you yet. | #connected #vibesothick

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