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Always slay bitches!!! Love this T from @yoursclothinguk and I'm loving seeing my #sleevetattoo in full colour all the way now by @voodooloutattoo , there's a new video up if you like watching tattoos being done!! 📸 link in bio

I had a lush weekend down in #bournemouth in the 🌞there's a vlog up on my YouTube channel! 📸 link in bio!! I've added days to my video schedule too! I'll now be uploading videos, WEDS, THURS, SAT & SUN @ 3PM!! Do you think you can keep up with all those!?

I had such a fun evening last night, I dyed half the shells for the #mermaidweddinggossip table centre pieces, I filled half the favour bottles with coloured sand and half put together the full table centre pieces and finally everything in my head is coming to life and I'm so excited! #mermaidwedding

Opening up your life online can be quite a daunting thing for any shape or size but when "plus size" woman are "brave" enough to put themselves out there and bare all to the world, the world should embrace that and be proud of all the different shapes and sizes that make up our human race. I just linked through to @calliethorpe video about body shaming hate comments from @rocknrollbride instastory and it just makes me so sad that there are people out there that take pleasure in hiding behind keyboards throwing abuse around. It makes me sad that "we" let those people affect our mental state and Callie is right, that it's even allowed to exist. My babe here @fattyboomtatty experienced a bikini shot being removed on facebook for inappropriate nudity and I was shocked!! There's so much "slim" nudity every where you look in the media, you can't have one rule for a slim person and one for a "plus size" person. I've experienced rude fattist comments on some of my videos and I don't allow it, DELETE. We're all just humans trying to make it through in life, no matter what your size or shape; small, slim, tall, fat, apple, pear, hourglass, we all have hang ups, some more than others but we should all be allowed the common decency to feel happy! Look at those faces, we were the brightest most colourful people in the pool that day and we HAD FUN and I'm so proud of that. #bodypositivity #plusmodel #plussizesummer 📸 by @lovefromlucky

Why is this not my life everyday??! Honestly, being a mermaid so far away from the sea is tough! What you up to today? I'm going to be editing all day reminiscing over my weekend at the beach! #mermaidlife

Loving my new #unicornnails I just did for myself! I filmed a vid too so watch out for that this week! #iridescentnails #nailporn #stilettonails

Suns out, buns out!! It may be Monday but I'm dreaming of when I was frolicking in my flamingo in Crete at #pallatiumapartments 💕 where would you rather be today??

There's a new video up all about my thoughts on being #plussize and #bodypositive OWN IT GIRL!! 📸 by @lucyrosetindall #plussizemodel #plussizesummer link in bio!

I had such a lovely road trip to the beach for a few days! Visiting in the summer really makes me miss living on the south coast!! I'm really wanting to move back there atm!!

Omg how amazing does this @shineshack glitter look from the @shopwildthing shoot the other day!!??? 📸 by @lucyrosetindall

It was such a nice day in Bournemouth yesterday and looks like it's set to be a lovely weekend! We went to see the @rockreef_uk wedding venue yesterday and I love it so much! I can't wait to walk down #bournemouthpier to the aisle at the end! Don't forget the @ribinauk competition ends today if you want to win some refreshing prizes just download the app and share your Doodle your World photo and tag me!

I did a @prezzybox haul and got some really cute stuff! Link in my story! It was a bit late today as we've had a busy day!

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