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Modify to get stronger. If you can't jump because of a knee injury, modify. If you can't do push ups because you aren't strong enough, modify. If you can't do burpees because fuck burpees, modify. You don't get stronger sitting on the couch, do your best, forget the rest. #noshameinmymodifyinggame #modifytogetstronger

Oh Tabata Strength. You make me realize how weak my arms are haha. Push-ups galore! But I am getting better. I like to modify them on the shelf behind me (check out my IG story for a video of that). Super excited to be almost 1/2 way through this program!!

Max out time: who the fuck cares- I JUMPED. I am so fucking excited that I pushed through and jumped during a few different parts of this workout!! I am so proud of myself!! (Max out time was 7 something but who cares, I JUMPED! That's improvement!)

3 weeks of Insanity Max 30! I am really loving this program! I am excited to go into the last week of month 1, and then start some new workouts!
This workout has been a huge mental block for me for years. I always believed that I couldn't do Insanity, even the 30 minute version. It was too hard, too advanced and I wasn't good enough.
But then I realized that I am the only person holding myself pack, so I'm doing it. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
#insanitymax30 #believeitthendoit

I love this screen shot from our yoga workout today. I have really loved doing yoga with Andy on Sundays. It's just a great way to end our week and it feels so good.
How are you getting ready for the new week?

Hello Fresh day 2! 😍😍 this one is so good! 🀀

Guess who just finished the 21 day fix!!!!! I am so proud of this guy!! He's been waking up before work every day and getting it in and he FINISHED IT!! So awesome! He's moving on to a Challenge Du Jorge, but we'll come back together in July for the Shift Shop release! I can't wait!! So proud of you babe!

Making this on my Insta stories- fingers crossed! #myfirsthellofresh

Did Dirty 30 again with Andy! I like adding weights once a week, since Insanity Max 30 doesn't use them. Not that IM30 is not hard on it's own, it's just something fun to do! Plus I like working out with Andy :) #sweatysaturday

Nothing like fresh flowers! 😍😍

Got it done bright and early today! I wanted to show how I modify stuff on the floor. I start on the floor, but when I can't keep going, I move up to the door. These were a move where you had to bring your knee in under you one at a time, so I just did that upright, focusing on engaging my core. You can bring any floor move up to the wall for a modification- push ups, mountain climbers, anything like that. #insanitymax30 #modifier #noshameinmymodifyinggame

I'm so excited guys! I have had this mental block about the 2nd break and I just couldn't get past it without maxing out. Today I was determined, I focused on just doing 1 more until I got it! I went past 10 min! Woo! I am still loving this workout! Especially what it's done for my body and confidence so far. Amazing. #insanitymax30

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