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New program, new before pics! All this traveling and eating out means I haven't been as consistent with my nutrition as I had been, and boy am I feeling it! But I am ending that excuse now.
We have a fridge full of approved foods and I am ready to stay on track this trip! I also forgot to take pics before I left so here are my "phone propped up on the side table, not in my usual outfit" before pics

Our test group starts tomorrow, and we happen to be on vacation. What might have been an excuse in the past, we are using as an opportunity to prove that we can do this.
We prepped and brought food, including fruits and veggies, and we are following the meal when we eat out.
We've spent too long letting life delay our goals, but not this time.

GUYSSSSSSSS!!!! I grew this!!!

I learned this a few years ago but I know some people could stand to hear this.
Don't waste your life because of what someone might think. Whether that's your mom, your best friend or some random Internet asshole.
You are given one life, live it on your terms.

I have been in funk city since coming back from NOLA! I've been tired, haven't felt well and I haven't worked out since I got home. Decided to stop the bullshit today and got it done! I am super excited to start my new program on Monday, so I did some weights today to prepare. I am 99% sure I've felt so crappy because I haven't been working out. It's funny how we stop doing the things that make us feel good when we don't feel good πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ oh well- back at it now!

Omg we just got updated to chip cards and this is too real. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜³

Took my sea punk to the zoo! Olivia too 😜 It was so hot but I was prepared with water and snacks for the kid! I am loving our new stroller too! I'm glad I took a chance on the cheap Amazon stroller!

I've done all of my New Orleans laundry except for these. These guys took me through 2 workouts, over 32 miles and all over the French quarter.
And I stepped in a puddle, which if you know New Orleans you know that's tragic. So these guys are in desperate need of a bath. Or fire. One of the two.
Any tips on washing sneakers?

Some of the people in my test group struggle with getting their water in so I shared these 5 tips! Thought I would share if you struggle too.
1. Figure out how you prefer water. Ice cold? With a lemon? Distilled? Tap water isn't the only way.
2. Find a bottle that supports that. A fruit diffuser? Insulated? With a straw?
3. Keep water close to you and sip on it throughout the day.
4. Drink 8 ounces first thing in the morning. There are a ton of health benefits to this! I keep an insulated water bottle filled with ice by my sink and drink it before I brush my teeth.
5. Make it easy. Find a giant cup or bottle, something you only have to finish a few times. This cup is 32 ounces so to get the daily recommended 64 I only have to fill it twice. I drink 4-5 of these a day, just because it's around and something cold and refreshing.
Hope that helps!

Olivia is obsessed with this book right now. I have to read it a minimum of 3 times before bedtime. What are your kid's favorites?

Olivia's smoothie made me crave a strawberry banana smoothie of my own!

Yum! This strawberry banana smoothie is the bomb! Plus it has veggies in it, designed specifically for kids! Love it!

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