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Erik  XI 路 XXII 路 XVII 馃挅 Happily engaged to @sodapopcandy_

Random appreciation post for @sodapopcandy_ because she鈥檚 a pretty awesome person and I love her! 馃挅

feelin cute 馃挅馃憣馃槏馃憣馃挅 Photo Credit: 馃摳 @sodapopcandy_

10 MONTHS with Kayrina today! DOUBLE DIGITS YEET. We did some painting and I tried my best. She鈥檚 definitely a much better artist than I am lol 馃槄 I love you x10 @sodapopcandy_ 馃挅馃尮馃挄

9 MONTHS today with @sodapopcandy_ 馃挅 It鈥檚 hard to believe it鈥檚 been 3/4 a year already, time flies by so fast when you find that perfect, special person. I love you, Kayrina! 馃槝馃挄

Our relationship in 3 pictures @sodapopcandy_ 馃憣馃お馃憣

8 MONTHS today with this gorgeous lady @sodapopcandy_ 馃挄 You鈥檙e such a strong, fun and positive person, and I鈥檒l always be grateful for everything you do for me! 2nd pic accurately describes my excitement of having you in my life 馃ぃ I love you! 馃挅馃挋

7 MONTHS with @sodapopcandy_ today! I鈥檓 so lucky to spend every day and live my life with my best friend; the woman who makes me happy, laugh and feel loved the most. I love you, Kayrina! 馃槝馃挅

DON鈥橳 LOOK AT ME!!! (not clickbait)

5 MONTHS with the most loving, caring, beautiful and hilarious goofball ever! It鈥檚 been nearly half a year of making amazing memories with you, and I never want it to stop. I love you so much! @sodapopcandy_ 馃挅馃挄馃挅

Meet our new puppy, Evie! ^-^ You can see more of her on the main channel, just posted a video with her!

4 months today with @sodapopcandy_ and there鈥檚 going to be plenty more! I love you so much, you make me so happy and I鈥檓 blessed to have you in my life 馃槝馃挅

Hope you all had an amazing Valentine鈥檚 Day! Spent the whole day with the love of my life and couldn鈥檛 be happier! I love you, Kayrina! 馃挅馃挅馃挅

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