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Merkaba Medicinals  Earth Connection. Presence. Energy Sharing. Spoken Word. Herbal Creations. Playful Integrity. Is your Merkaba spinning? https://tinyurl.com/ydb7nzmp 💜


Please join us at the Men’s Gathering at Hawkwind Earth Renewal Cooperative in northern Alabama from March 9-11. And tell all your friends about it too. Thanks!

Empowering Self -
Empowered Community,

We live in diverse and complex times that require our dynamism, curiosity, and Heart. It is in the teachings of our Ancestors and our cutting edge world collaborators that we receive the direction to cultivate our individuation just as vigorously as we commit to community building.
It is in this spirit that we call the men to gather.
During our Men’s Gathering we will...
• Explore maturation from “self to Self”. • Explore the anatomy, function, and worth of community. • Gather for inipi (sweat lodge), talking circles, group activities • Exploring Shadow, health, and “showing up” in our lives.
• Dates: March 9th-11th; arrive Friday by 6pm, we start the workshop at 7pm. Group closing will be at 10am on Sunday. You are all invited (not obligated) to stay for community lodge Sunday afternoon. • Meals provided Saturday-Sunday breakfast. Camping spaces available and limited bunking space by reservation.
• Early bird special: commit with deposit before February 10th and pay $125 for your weekend! ***best deal***
• Deposit is $50 to hold your space. • Total after February 10th is $150. • All reservations and deposits must be paid by March 1st. • Partial or full work exchange upon request.
Please reach out if more info is needed.

Heart work is calling
Opening up to truth more
Blessed to be in this

Morning birds are calling. Gratitude to the aina and all the lovely support and nurturing love from the waters and dear ones with whom I shared space in a wild mystery school of transformation for eight days in Hawaii. This is a snip from a piece called Pensiveness. If you care to hear the rest, I have placed a YouTube link in my bio. Risen apes. Angels fallen. 🦍 👼

Crab Medicine at South Point Hawaii 🦀

This was my Ohana for a week of wonderful transformation at the Ancient Voices Retreat on Big Island Hawaii. I love you all deeeeep. 🤗🦀 Thanks for helping me transform and allowing me to do the same for you. I feel like a new person and am so grateful for each of you and your wonderful gifts. Precious love light of intimate presence to you all. Surrendering to the mystery. 🐬👑 From wild feral crowns
Seeding a new paradigm
Of loving presence
Our mystery school
Opens deeper potential
Aina is speaking

#haiku #mysteryschool #wild #free

Happy Valentines Day before Solar Eclipse 💫❤️ In the spirit of love and transformation, I am offering 10% off on any herbal product orders that happen in the next 24 hours as well as free shipping for my friends beyond. Scroll for a picture of product availability and message me for pricing. Might I suggest you try a 👑 Royal Bath Bomb for your king or queen , Sensing Stillness or A Clear Spirit bath soaks to give yourself some time to let go 🛀 , Chillin Dose glycerite for inviting calmer internal energies, Calm Caress or A Spicier Soothe salve to rub away the aches and pains in a loving way 💆🏾‍♂️💆🏼‍♀️, or some Sad Be Gone tincture to brighten these last winter days ☀️. Keep it yummy and vibey lovers. HMU ❤️ www.merkabamedicinals.com

A new me. Blessed to be. Gratitude @ayapapayawear and @aylanereo for creating such a safe and transformative space. Deeply honored. Illuminate!

Wow loves! What a powerful journey it has been so far here on the Big Island of Hawaii. In the last 36 hours here this time around. I shall most certainly be returning. Some highlights have been harvesting avocados from high up in a tree, singing to the land and the ocean, yummy touch and cuddles with dear ones, getting completely soaked by the ocean in the bow of the ship in active waters, swimming with dolphins, singing from my heart and holding space for others to do the same, deepening my presence and patience in honoring the moment and the process, and so much more. Gratitude is flowing forth in abundance. So much love! What else is possible? How can it get any better? Blessings bright beings. Shine on even in your darkest nights. 🦁🌺💚

Hey beautiful beings. It’s time to get vulnerable. This lover did not come to an 8-day sojourn of the heart on Big Island Hawaii with enough financial abundance to have the fullest experience for which I had intended. If you are so moved to support me financially at this moment in the journey, I will be so grateful. In return I am able to offer reiki, intuitive consulting, cuddling, sharing stories, emotional support, herbal wares and more (just ask). Also willing to help you around the house of get on a Skype call or... This journey has me filled up after just 36 hours on the island. So much love abundance to share with you.

So yes, if you are so guided please message me and I will give you info on how to support me and begin discussing how the energy will be returned. Also willing to accept love offerings and will pay it forward as soon as I am able.

Mahalo and gratitude once more!
Today is a day of ceremony and honoring the land. The aina. From which all arises. 🐬 🌴 🌋 🌊 💫 🐋 🌺🐢😘🤙🏼💚

Aloha from the Big Island of Hawai’i! 🌋
Here where worlds meet, the place with no time, to purify, process, and celebrate this beautiful opportunity of life. Honored for this deep and powerful place of connection where the Merkaba energy vortex of the planet has a power point in the middle of the volcano directly across the planet from the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. It has been an auspicious journey so far. Grateful for @ayapapayawear and @aylanereo among others for creating a sacred retreat space for powerful transformation. Here for the Ancient Voices Retreat. I will be posting updates along the journey this week. Just arrived last night. 3:33 from Phoenix to Kona. The synchronicities here are abundant and manifestation of thought in to form moves quickly. Humbling and inspiring. The Big Island is known as the root chakra of Hawai’i. Definitely experiencing powerful release of fear paired with a fuller understanding of the energy of fear. This ocean! Wow Moana. 🌊 Your energy is fierce and gentle all at once. It’s like Lilith and Mother Mary. The sacred whore and the sacred mother. Whew! There is much to share and a lot of it came through in a live video I recorded earlier if you are interested in that. I want to offer to share this Aloha spirit with any of you who are feeling the call of connection in your heart of hearts. That can manifest as a reiki or intuitive consulting session, sharing space and hearing stories of what I learn and experience here as well as some herbal products that I can bless with this gateway energy if Pele says yes. I am also open to doing a Skype session, composing a poem in your honor, or simply holding hands and breathing together. So if any of that feels resonant to you, please reach out and we will bring it into being. Aloha blessings, gratitude and respect. I love you! 🌴 ❤️ 😊🌺🙏

Aloha 🌴 ❤️ 💫 🌊 🌋 🐢


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