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I'm Merfolk aka Christy  I'm a person who gardens and bartends in the woods. And is funny.

Few days ago. I like taking pictures at night to see who is hanging out. #frog #party #coldweatherbananatree #musabasjoo #gardener

Sedum #cherrytart flowering.

Fuck nazi scum. Also, I deleted maybe 50 Facebook friends today. I don't even hate all of them. I'm just sick of seeing crap from people who mean nothing to me and who I mean nothing to. I gave away maybe half my belongings to thrift stores this year. Cutting my Facebook friends in half. Half as much bullshit. I only have space in my life for things that serve a purpose.

Best thing I've ever done. #TreySongz #Grandpa #OpenWide

Tahoe looked dope as usual. But then it decided to send mean Rangers to yell at us we had to move campsites in the morning because they put us in an ADA spot on accident , and then some random rain woke us up in the tent,dumped on us and soaked our gear, and we had to drive home at 2:00 am😫. Why you doin' us wrong #Tahoe? You've always been our #1 homie. 😣

Nothing better to do than instagram #threeforks food. #lemontart #threefucks

Help me I'm stuck in SnapChat.

Secret Cove, Thunder Storm

"The Stiffest drinks" is on each napkin. Lit....

There is a thing, like mansplaining. But anyone can do it. And it has nothing to do with the fact that you are a lowly female who needs explaining to. BUT- it has everything to do with the fact that they just GOTTA EXPLAIN TO SOMEONE. 😳

Hipsters with tambourines from Anywhere, USA = down-to-earth, raw country music. The simple life is so hot RN. Damn I need a wide brimmed hat.

Going through the timeline of my life like....."wow! The majority of the people I've spent huge chunks of my time and energy on were not caring friends and/or not loving partners." 😳Lolololololololililililooloiplioijdbshdoodoflloo

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