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Meredith Tan 陳祉儜  Hello Daddy, hello Mummy. Hello world. Hello, you. New video of my trip to KL and BKK out now 😬 Next - MereGoSchool in Sept 🌚

Me on a double-decker bus with my gan ma @michsweets channeling siyi @pearlang off shoulder vibes 😂 While my mom be a joke at Art Zoo in her over-sized unicorn outfit, gan ma brings me out to have fun 😍

Happy birthday to my eryi @fillet1703 ☺️ Wish your hair always on-poink and wish your motorbike always shiny 😁 The other i ask my mummy “Who in ge family like lellow?” My mama doesn’t know the answer so i told her “ee eryi beekers eryi mohgohcyger ee lellow you forgork? 😅 Thank you eryi for always playing with me 😌 Us @kidzlandsg ☺️

😘 Told my papa mama “I neeeeg ghis. I neeg ku have it” when i saw this princess set. I do 😌

I am veh angry wit my mama okay. I wanted two sticks (she only gave me one) and i kept pestering her for it while she’s working on her phone so she raised her voice at me and said it’s either one or nothing 😠 After she finish her work she came to apologize to me but i had to lecture her for it. All you adults 😤

My papa mama got me cupcakes to celebrate my actual birthday. I was quite touched i even told my papa and mama later “Thank you mama 😌 Thank you papa 😊” I am a big girl ready to take on the world!

This is me at 3 years old. Imagine 10 years more 🤨😂 My papa @jawsure brought me to the SEA Aquarium. 10 more years Jook Out maybe 🤪

Happy Birthday to myself 🙆🏻‍♀️ I chui years oh now 👌🏻 I beeg ger 😎 When i was born 3 years ago, for months my daddy mummy and gan ma were worried cox they say i veh ugly 🤨 Alright i guess they were right 😂 But now i piqi girl 😍

When you left your food on the table and someone ask “You don’t want already i eat ah?” 😠 NO. I’M RUNNING BACK, 1 METRE AWAY NOW #GetYourOwnFood 😅 Just kidding. This is me frolicking away and running wild @kidzlandsg 😍 #merego3rounds 📸: @glowphotog Outfit from @lzzieofficiel

My gan ma cut my hair yesterday and i told her “Jars cark infrang okay? Behind kennork cark” 😂 I’m trying to grow long long hair like Yurou jiejie ☺️😍 @michsweets ☺️ P/S: May my mother never touch my hair again.

This was me on my way to my #Merego3rounds UniKong berfgeh parkee @kidzlandsg 😍 Thank you @enjoue.sg @euphoriquebakery for making the parkee happen 💖 Wearing @lzzieofficiel 💖 Pictures soon ☺️

Do y’all remember this? Thank you big brother and sisters, uncles and aunties for watching me grow up and for sharing my joy. Tomorrow is my 3rd birthday party and i will try my best not to cry, whine or snatch things with my friends, as i promised my mama 😳 But i really can’t promise her i’d let her pee or poop in peace 😌😈

Thank you @_ash.leyyyyy jiejie for the advance berfgeh present 😍 This unikong is the biggest i have 🤪

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