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Meredith Tan 陳祉儜  Hello Daddy, hello Mummy. Hello world. Hello, you. New video of my trip to KL and BKK out now 😬 Next - MereGoSchool in Sept 🌚

Just some snaps my mummy took of me 😌

Went to the aquarium in Korea and get to touch all sorts of sea creatures and feed them 😍 One type of fish even gave me a handspa! Bye bye dead skin 😌 Thank you @klooktravel_sg 🧡

After i dressed up in Hanbok, i told my mama "my gname is Pingsers Chu Na. Okay?" I didn't wann change out of it but my mama told me Korea police will catch me if i don't return so 😔😂 Thank you @klooktravel_sg for the Hanbok experience ❤️

Arrived in Korea with @klooktravel_sg and i hope i fashionista enough 🙂 My dad and i planned the whole trip. Can't wait to enjoy it!

#舞娘 称号, 非我莫属. Sorry Uncle Yukaki @yutakis 🙂😂

I woke up like this today, for real 💁🏻‍♀️

Today i stand on a 15cm tall, one feet wide stage and present my own Heart Song. Composed entirely by myself. Although my lyrics are all jumbled up but it goes something like "with your day ☀️, with the night 🌚, with everything, i sing. With the day, for your night, with everything, i sing. For the stars 🌟, from your heart ❤️, with everything you like.. 💝

This is today. Tomorrow and the day after every tomorrow.. One thing is for sure.. My mummy will always be my biggest fan 😂 At night i insisted on going on the "stage" again and she told me in split second "NO NEED. IT'S OKAY." And i ask "why" and she say she's afraid i'd be too tired ☺️ What a thoughtful fan 😊

So i still rewarded her with a concert of 7 different songs from Never Enough, to Let It Go, to I See The Light and more 🙂 She even held two torchlights and did stage effect lightings for me 👍🏻 I think i will make her my fanclub chairperson 😂

情和义值千金.. 😂 This year for Halloween imma be a vampire and i'm just warming up! 😌 But my mum say i look like Karen Mok 🤨

A tin of jewel biscuits just to ourselves 😍 @ame1iaon #陈小姐s

Me at @cmykevent photospots 😍 There to support @cerealcitizen 😗

I love durian so much I wanna keep some on my hair 😂 Thank you rehcherjehjeh @pxdkitty for the awesome MSW from @330sbdurian 😍

I is a bird! Who can swim! Tweety bird! 😀🐥🐣 #InflatableIsland

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