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Are you worrying about how your business is going to pay for your child's college education before you have even sold your first product?
If your anything like me, then your mind is constantly bringing future worries into the present.
If you want to survive the long haul of being an entrepreneur (and it isn't going to be easy on this journey) try to avoid stressing about future worries by being here in the moment.

Don't fall into the trap of comparing notes with other business owners about how amazing you are, how fantastic your sales are, and how you are wonder woman and can juggle it all.

If you need to sit on the floor and eat cake with your kids, please do.

You have enough on your plate as the average woman and mom without ever mentioning the fact that you are a BUSINESS OWNER!
If you have been feeling like work cannot get done because you have too much noise at home, thanks to your phone, television, kids, and endless notifications beeping and buzzing... then unplug.
When you're feeling overloaded and work isn't getting accomplished, turn down the background noise and unplug all of your digital taskmasters that aren't serving your business goals at that exact moment.

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Rise Early, Start Now (Even if You Don't Have a Clue Why)... The best thing you can do for yourself and your business (especially because you're a busy mom) is to wake an hour before the rest of the house does.
As a business owner, the best thing you can do is start today. The world moves so fast that if you wait until you figure everything out or feel 'ready' you will already be 2 steps behind.
That is what keeps 99% of entrepreneurs unsuccessful. They are not moving before the rest of the pack!
Whether it be your pack of kids or the pack of entrepreneurs, the best thing you can do is to start moving before everyone else.


You're tired and just don't feel like working your business today. The children are needing you, the husband would like some attention, and your unshaved legs (forget about it!...)
but guess what? You don't have to be anything different than exactly who you are today!
So set a much smaller goal than "I will completely replace my husband's salary today and fund my 401k for the next 30 years"...
Instead try "I will go to my computer and schedule 10 new Facebook posts for next week" or even "I will begin the process of starting a Facebook business page". Such steps may seem small, but I find that "microactions" help us all conquer overwhelming tasks.

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When was the last time you gave your audience something?
If you have social accounts like I do, 90% of the posts I see from business owners are asking me to BUY something from THEM.
I ALWAYS stop scrolling and check out a business owners post when I see the words "Free Gift For You". Treat your customers like you want to be treated, give them love in the form of coupons, freebies, bundles, anything that gives them something for nothing.

Be prepared for ever changing needs.
What works for one month, year, or decade may not work forever.
Owning your own business is not a free pass to never work another day in your life. Quite the opposite!
Owning your own business means constantly staying on the pulse of your audiences needs and trends.
Try and make it a game, and THEN you will never "work" another day in your life.
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Creating an environment around your business and your products that turns audience members into brand ambassadors is going to be the most beneficial action you ever complete.
It's HARD to always be telling everyone how amazing you are. How fantastic your products are. What a great difference it will make in their lives.
Instead, after each successful sale, just ask the customer for some positive feedback, a testimonial, or other form of happy marketing.
It's subliminal. When other people say they love something, we naturally want to check it out ourselves and see if it is true!
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Moments like picnics in the park on a Thursday afternoon are why I fight so hard to teach you how to GROW your business.
Not for how much money you will make.
Or how much "stuff" you can buy with your profits.
And certainly not so you can brag about how cool you are now that you are an entrepreneur living a 'yacht' lifestyle.
Its so you can make memories with the ones you love the most, when you want, where you want, without feeling stressed.
At the end of our lives, all the "stuff" will belong to someone else or rusting in a junkyard, but our memories and pictures is what will last with us forever...

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