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Moments like picnics in the park on a Thursday afternoon are why I fight so hard to teach you how to GROW your business.
Not for how much money you will make.
Or how much "stuff" you can buy with your profits.
And certainly not so you can brag about how cool you are now that you are an entrepreneur living a 'yacht' lifestyle.
Its so you can make memories with the ones you love the most, when you want, where you want, without feeling stressed.
At the end of our lives, all the "stuff" will belong to someone else or rusting in a junkyard, but our memories and pictures is what will last with us forever...

Running your own business shouldn't leave you in tears everyday!
It's tough yes, but not impossible. If you have been dying to ask a question but haven't felt comfortable, now is the time. I will help you with whatever you need. Thousands of business owners just like you have tried and succeeded. Now is YOUR time!

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Anyone else struggling to keep posting social media marketing but NO ONE is wanting what you're selling?
Chances are good that they are just not ready to buy yet! They need to spend more time with you instead of jumping straight into a relationship with you.
Try this today... Instead of just posting products and asking them to buy... give them something. No strings attached. Just love them with your help, a gift, or a surprise!
This builds trust and it builds the relationship.
The next step would be for them to reciprocate and end up buying later on!

Mompreneurs you magical and mystical creatures...
How do you do it all? No one pays you in extra energy or a few more minutes of sleep. But yet you keep going with a determination to match the most seasoned CEO's...
To you today I applaud you and tell you that I think you are fabulous and strong and amazing for doing what you do to be a shining light to all those little faces and hands that are looking up to you.

You are a #amazingbusinessowner.

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"How on earth can I run a business when I am really shy?! I know in my HEART that I am supposed to be doing this, but it is very painful when I have to 'put myself out there' and even MORE painful when no one seems to care...
What can I do Meredith?" This was a true question that a dear client of mine asked me when he was having trouble building his business because his introvert personality was trying to hold him back.... That's when I came up with a 4 day video series that helps even the most shy and new to online marketing business owners with their social media accounts.
I have now taught this same method to thousands of business owners. New, experienced, extrovert or introvert... everyone sees GROWTH in their business.

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You got this you #amazingbusinessowner!

A lot of entrepreneurs are trying to use lead capture pages, freebies, or other offers that their audience doesn't even want.
The #1 problem I hear from my clients is that no one is paying attention to their lead pages or freebies. They can't build their list because "no one seems to care"... The solution that we always work on, first thing, is to research their audience. Spending time looking through their followers, finding problems the audience is talking about, writing down the trends.

From this research we can determine what type of freebie, or lead magnet the audience actually CARES ABOUT! And voila! Like "magic" leads and interest starts flowing into the business!
Give it a try today!

No one is going to follow your business or buy your products unless you show them the confidence YOU have in yourself, in the products, and in the difference they can make for your audiences lives.

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