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meredith adelaide  . . A mother and daughter trip on mushrooms together, and I film it:

Have we made art together? Lemme help us raise $ for the work we've done and the stories we've shared.

If you are an artist who has created with me and wishes to add our work to the merch booth at any time, send me a message!

#artistforartists #adelaide at @tenantsofthetrees


Link in bio to learn more and contribute. Be one of our first 50 backers!!! Friends! Family! My loves! I filmed a half-doc half-narrative movie about a mother and daughter who trip on mushrooms together. Footage from their actual trippy trip plus footage I shot of them recreating the experience. It's nothing short of all the things. I'm seriously honored to have been asked to help contribute my time and art, and now we are raising $ to finish it!

Video! I had asked my audience to come get closer, and bring their $ to support the arts 😍

Thanks to @cameraphilpdx for the footage!

It's funny to think of how many things I used to do, and still do, under the guise that it will insure that I am worthy of love. Oh my sweet little dove. There is nothing to fear, nothing to doubt. Self love brings only the best of the world.

polaroid by @davisayer of my Norah

My gift to all my audience for my show πŸ–€ thank you so much to all who came!! I am delighting in my aftermath!!!

Polaroid from my show last night by @davisayer!! This was during my song "A Little for Anybody," where I TOOK OFF MY CLOTHES AND MADE MY AUDIENCE TUCK MONEY IN MY THONG AND BRA THING. Wow wow woowwwwww

It felt so safe to be there with friends and colleagues... I pushed myself to do this because I want to normalize my body as just the vehicle I'm in, I want to help normalize that SEX WORK IS WORK, that I've full agency over my own expression, and I want my art to be interactive and fun, and I need help to have an equal exchange of energy out and energy in (money is energy)...and so it felt entirely, oddly, appropriate that I was singing "what I can do, I'll do for you, cause I'm a little for anybody; what can I do? what you can too, cause I feel like I'm everybody" as we were all giggling getting that close to each other. Bills are scratchy but that feeling did not get old ;) Y'all came THROUGH.

If you missed out on donating live, hit me up for venmo/paypal information!! Your contributions will go towards the cost of putting the show on πŸ–€

okay so here's me standing on a cliff's edge overlooking the ocean

and it was just my birthday, and I went to a heart opening ceremony

and tomorrow I'll be putting on my first full set live music show that will incorporate my modeling, my filming, my art, my body, my humor, my life up until now

I've been up here for awhile waiting to get the courage to jump in

I'm still scared, but now I don't think I need to wait any longer

so here I go
and I hope you can come see

I'm not sure what will happen
but I know I'll feel FREE (more info in stories, and on previous post!)

ohhhh hello my dumplings

I am performing MY MUSIC LIVE this Wednesday at 9pm at @tenantsofthetrees after my pal @oxfordryan! IT WILL BE SO DOPE I PROMISE.

It's FREE but come with CASH if you wanna have an EXTRA good time!

Will have prints to raise $ for the finishing of @areyouok_film and the continuation of my live artistry. Love to you all!!

heading to my heart

Do you have unspoken rules about how you wish to be interacted with when you're hurting? Like if someone doesn't follow them exactly how you want, do you write them off? Stay separate? Push them away? Tell them they're wrong? Do you tell yourself that they are trying to hurt you? Do you have every conversation with yourself without reaching beyond to grasp the other side? Do you say you're open/aware when atop your tower? Do you speak your feelings, or attempt to control someone else's actions/reactions? Where is your head? Where is your heart? Where is your hurt?


Thank you to all who sent me kind words and wishes yesterday πŸ–€ what an interesting day, what was revealed to me

And thank you sweet @desireekoras for the funtimes bday photo πŸ™ƒπŸ˜™πŸ€Ή

My sweet friend @iamrotana and I at the beach sometime last year. This one sees magic, is magic. Connects things to make more magic. Thank you for your endless love my friend. LOUD LOVE for you!!

BDAYDAY!!! I love you alllll

photo @bttmfc makeup/design @lindsey_avenetti

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