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ADELAIDE  photo • video • music LILYWHITE music video out now!:


A couple of my bts from the Wildling music video shoot for Lilywhite! Video is out now (putting link in bio). Really proud of this one.

Thanks to all involved for having me and CONGRATS on the release!! @ogden3000 @wildlingmusic @alexandre_themistocleous

LILYWHITE is LIVE! Swipe up in my story or head to @wildlingmusic for the link! Then come back here and talk to me about it!

Congrats to the band for their release, and congrats to @ogden3000 for another beautiful piece completed!

#wildling #lilywhite #musicvideo

Reliving past lives in this scene. Though the shoot was for a music video and there wouldn't be dialogue, we still workshopped the intentions behind our character's relationship to themselves and each other. I remember in the shots following this clip I tried different ways to react to what my partner was upset at me for. A weird therapy...it acted as a safe space to be different versions of myself, without emotional compromise/consequence.

In the final video (out tomorrow!!!) I was really pleased to see that director @ogden3000 made a collage of most of those reactions, reflecting the wide variety of emotions that happen during real life times like these. Felt I was justified. I can't wait to show you!

Video for @wildlingmusic

Any actors that follow me? I remember being an AWFUL actor in high school, and then one random day after I moved out on my own, something clicked where I was like "oh...acting is just like living honestly with my emotions and intentions"-- it changed the way I lived. Like, I've a focus on connecting with others, and collecting real moments of feeling which store for potential use for work.

I'm one of those people who can tap into any of the feelings by going in my head for a minute. Then once a camera is on me I can hyper focus and live in that feeling. It's really weird but it feels like a release, even though what I'm doing is re-living something I've held on to. Maybe it's like paying homage to past lives and thought patterns. It makes a lot of sense that the number one bit of advice for actors is to have a therapist.

This is a bts still from director @ogden3000 on set of a music video for @wildlingmusic that comes out this Friday!

think about all you've done

#selfportrait #london #girlgaze

It's weird, I haven't had much to say lately. Not much to show or share. Standby!

#selfportrait #thekingsleyhouse #girlgaze #intention

I wanna tell you a story the only way that I can

#selfportrait #35mm #35mmfilm #xa2 #girlgaze

When I was on my vagrant trip and stopped through Utah, I got to work with @caseychildsart and a few other painters I didn't even realize existed until I got there! Looking forward to going back someday to experience more. Those mountains, though.. Working with painters is sometimes akin to working with film photographers. Slow. A bit more quiet. Patient. Holding myself still and getting quite meditative through the process. More mental space present. More weighed conversation, but less talking.

give me the other side

You ever feel way more than you want? Or is it feeling too strongly and then thinking too much about it? Or is it comparing external reactions of others to the internal dialogue of self and feeling "behind" as if there's such a thing? Feeling thinking feeling thinking feeling like I'm missing something thinking everyone knows.

photo @creativerehabnyc

can't do this again

photo @creativerehabnyc

In her original lyrics, @selenagomez says "you be the art, I'll be the brush." So, in my response through arranging this song and shooting/editing this self portrait music video, I changed it to "I'm the art"-- showcasing a few different styles of communication and characters (lip-synching, text, and movement of my body). Full video link in my bio 🖤

#badliarcover #badliar #girlgaze #selenagomez #selfportrait

Between dipping under the water and shadows I decided to introduce myself cause that's where I liiiiveee.

Did you watch the whole thing? Link in bio babes. I wanna know your experience watching this thing I made! Did you relate to any of it?

#selfportrait #musicvideo #girlgaze #selenagomez #badliarcover #badliar

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