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as if anybody really stays the same

This was taken by @niravphotography on set for @jpsaxe.

JP and @garyintheworld approached Nirav and I to recreate the mood from our book project #thegreatblueworld for JP's album art, which you can see in existence now on spotify. Two nights in a cabin in the redwoods of northern California makes for the mood, lyric above from the song "Changed."

I'm a different shape again

We were in a cabin for a few days and we all saw something.

Photo by @niravphotography on set for @jpsaxe with creative director @garyintheworld mood based on #thegreatblueworld

livin a dream (know what I mean?) #selfportrait

I am all I've oughta be. Right? My body functions as long as I nourish it. Everything else is superfluous. But we busy bees, huh? My honey ain't money though. Wait I love that! My honey ain't money.

I don't need
"think you want"

That concept of telling someone what you want so they can effectively decide for themselves if it aligns with their life. Less trickery! Less misinterpretation. More consent! More love.

#selfportrait in London

Love you, London

A perfect week. Thank you to everyone who shared their time and space with me! I'll share some bits in my story later-- 11 hour flight home now 🖤

Three years ten days ago I was the same fucking person just a lot more sad. 2.5 weeks ago I finally fought the fear that I was reacting to in this photo (truly, I was truly miserable here). LONG TIME.

Not sure I've made this face out of self pity (which is what this was) in a little while. Maybe a year ago. Eek. I'm so close to ooout oooof thiiiiis. I feel great right now aside from the fact that I took two naps in london today against all advice and now I can't sleep beep beep


guess it's a breeze

#selfportrait -- I landed in London, England. I can't not say that the way Jenny Slate says it in Kroll Show's Publizity. Londonanghland.

Excited to wander, meet, drink coffee, take photos, write music, see old friends, hide myself in a pack of locals if there is such an opportunity.

eyes were no surprise to see me

#selfportrait -- I'm going to london today (!!!!!!!!!!!!) Never been. Bunch of people I love all gunna be there at the same time, by pure happenstance. Low.key.frea.king.out. AHHH.

#selfportrait branding for @athabymichelle

I really loved shooting this series. Alone in a studio with my body free and trying a lot of different movements to show the size and drape of Michelle's beautiful scarves.

#selfportrait branding for @athabymichelle (pt 2!) Shot at @brooklyngrain, many thanks to @ebruyildiz

One more instax from @heidi_ruh in Utah last weekend when I went for a day and felt like such a badass carrying only a tote bag to and from. Omg it was freedom, aside from going through tsa and having to take my shoes off and scanning my items. Freedom!! mu/h @briannadanielleslc
location @mieshstudio

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