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Happy Father’s Day to this dude ♥️ I have no idea how I’d get through life without you

This is living the dream♥️


Life is fun with youu

Happy Mother’s Day twin♥️♥️

What I get for expecting Ryan to be a world class photographer 🦄

Things I learned at 22:
-Don’t excempt yourself from federal taxes
-Drinking mimosas all day will not workout for you. Ever.
-Steak ‘n Shake is THE pre drinking meal
-F*** t-mobile

cool as a cumcumber

Throwing it allllllll the way back to the time I was supposed to sober monitor 😂😂 happy birthday to this gangsta! I hope it’s the best shitty day in dekalb you’ll ever have because it’s one of the last’s 🙌🏻 if only we could raise a little helll one last time (lol jk we won’t go back ever) have the best 23rd birthday you old hag! (Also come visit plz) miss you♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Almost 23 years and uncountable amounts of bath bombs later, my parents are getting rid of the beauty that is this bathtub. I’ll miss you and I’m sorry we didn’t get an official goodbye. I hope they don’t hurt you too much. But I appreciate the times we’ve spent together while I was hungover, sick, or just lazy. Also thank you for not killing me and my sisters when we played deep blue sea with that one babysitter. You will be missed ♥️

Easter SUNday ♥️

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