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  chi | life, liberty and the pursuit of human flourishing | | @threadless

my mood swings lately. 🌤 but happy 4 months chicago i love ya so much

final tastes of summer 🍑 🍺

alex appreciation post bc he’s cute and I like him and i wish we were back in mexico

i’m trying to ok

love this city. love it even more when you’re in it!! come back @smlennox @alexisallgood

shouts to @jackmarinhair and @hk_artistry for making me look way cooler than I am🌴

always missin my gurl @smlennox

I get really upset when people tell me to care less about things. I care hard - I think it’s one of my superpowers. it’s something I’ve always believed in and something further solidified by a favorite teacher I had in college (thanks @markejohnson). Care about people, care about original work, care about making a difference, care about innovation, care about being kind. Care no matter what.

I once spent an entire summer working as a photographer at an all boys summer camp in maine. it was the best, weirdest summer ever // thanks for the nostalgia @pastersnacks

seasick + homesick all in one weekend.

huge thanks to @jackmarinhair for the cut - can’t remember why I ever had long hair

life imitates art | didn’t know one of my favorite paintings was here in chicago! happy surprise

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