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мєя¢є∂єѕ gιαναииι 💕  ∂ιѕиєу α∂∂ι¢т 🏰 мαкєυρ💄 ѕиєαкєяѕ👟 вαтн & вσ∂у ωσякѕ 🕯🛁 муαѕтнєиια gяανιѕ ωαяяισя ❄️ R.I.P DAD 11/28/63 - 4/2/17 👼🏼 уσυтυвє 🎥 мєя¢є∂єѕ gιαναииι

It’s been a while 🤷🏼‍♀️

Happy 25th birthday to my cousin 🎂🎈

Like my dad always said people are fake. The ones you look out for or do the most for are the ones who end up never being there for you like you were for them. My dad was always good at knowing when someone isn’t real. And a lot of what he has said makes sense. All my “friends” i had before i got sick are no where to be found now. Since i can no longer hop up and do favors I’m just forgotten about. My best friends though have stuck by me and thats what matters. Quality over quantity! I rather have 2 real friends than 50 fake ones!

2 years ago today you left this world. It still feels like yesterday. The pain is still there, the questions on why and the heart break. A lot of stuff you once said about people have began to make sense. Damn i wish i would of told you i loved you more when you were here but i never thought i would have to say goodbye. I wish i would of made you take more pics though you never really liked your picture taken. I am the only piece of you left on this earth and i am beyond thankful to have had you as my father. At night i find myself confused to where you are. It feels like your just in the hospital and then it hits me that your gone and not coming back. I just think I’m still numb and i dont want to accept that this is reality. I love you more than anything! 🕊🌎💙

I felt this.....

My eye color really popping in the sunlight 🙅🏼‍♀️🧢

Letting go doesn’t mean you stop caring. It means you stop trying to force others to. 🌻

That color looked poppin on my tan skin 🥰 baby i was fuegooo 🔥 wish i could go back in time. When life was normal, when everything was okay!

I said give me two pair cause i need two pair 👏🏼 if you know me you know how BAD I wanted these sneakers. I almost spent $450 for these from flight club a few years back. Now I usually pre order my sneakers but I wasn’t to pressed to get these. Day of release my mom and I went online and I told her if I don’t get them its okay. But I ended up getting 2. And I thought about keeping one and selling one but I said no I’m keeping both because these are one of my favorite 11s. Merry Christmas to myself 🎄🎅🏼🎁

She’s my kind of crazy 💕

A year ago you left me. It felt like the earth stopped spinning. It felt like time stopped. I remember screaming for you. That night i wanted to die with you because I didn’t know how i would ever live without you. A whole year later and this still doesn’t seem real. I lay in bed like “damn is my dad really gone”. I miss everything about you. Life isn’t the same anymore. Life will never be the same. I never thought i would only be 21 when you would pass away. I love you more than anything and there would NEVER be a man in my life that i love more than you. I miss you like crazy and wish you were still here because i still need you. You will never ever be forgotten. 👼🏼🙏🏼

And if one last night is all that we've been given, Let's live it like we care 💕

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