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Mercades Danielle  🍍pineapple babe 🍍 YouTube link below ⬇️

Happy Sunday everyone!
I hope your weekend was amazing. Did you do anything cool? 😏

I know when the weekend comes I put my game face on and get work done! 💕

Don’t forget to push yourself and achieve your goals! Don’t spend the weekend wasting time on things that won’t better your future 👏🏻 HUSTLE AND GRIND MY PEOPLE! 📷: @nicholasworrell

who else hates wearing a bra?
I love my shirt from @bellesaco // a by-women-for-women platform! This Valentine’s Day shop @bellesaco and 10% of all sales will be donated to planned parenthood.
Get $15% off and free shipping using the code VDAYVIBES ⚡️🔥💕

Happy Wednesday everyone! You’re a special person so, don’t settle for anything less! You deserve the very BEST! 🥰

but like I can’t help but laugh at the sign in the background and that I’m posed like that 😂
📷: @janelledwards

wake up, smile and treat yourself.
Valentine’s Day is coming up and for all my single people this isn’t a holiday to be sad or feel like you’re not loved. Take the time and appreciate who is in your life weather that’s your family, friends, CO workers etc. Don’t be scared to buy yourself flowers or chocolates, maybe spread the love and do it for others too💕⚡️ & if you got a mans or woman YOU BETTER spoil them 😏😍🌟 Do you have any cool plans for V-day? 💕

Happy Monday everyone! The weather has been wild in California lately. Haha so, here are a couple of shots of me having fun in the rain! What’s your fav season?!

I had so much fun being on set for @thenavarose video! I’m so stoked to see how it comes out! I made some AWESOME NEW FRIENDS! It was such a good time! GET STOKED EVERYONE 😘💕🌟🔥⚡️

friends make life so much better!
I’m so grateful for everyone that I have in my life right now 💕
If you’re reading this, I appreciate you and LOVE YOU! Hope your weekend is amazing LIKE YOU ⚡️🔥


I kinda wanna go to the movies or bowling I’m not sure yet....
Crazy little story - I used to be on a bowling League & yes I own my own shoes and ball 😂
Do you got any cool plans?

Hi, I’m Mercades Danielle!
I was born in Las cruces, NM - moved to California 3 years ago and absolutely love it, besides the prices of living here (lol) I’ve made so many good friends and lost some bad ones. (thank u,next) However, out of all the 3 years of being in Cali I’ve learned to love myself and put myself first which is the best feeling of all time.
Going through this thing called life don’t forget to put yourself first and fall in love with YOU! I know it sounds corny but it’s true! Tell me a little bit about you 💕🌟

I usually tan, take cute instagram pictures, and swim later. What do you usually do?! ⚡️

Don’t be scared to be silly, act crazy, try new things, make new friends and laugh like a crazy person!
People seem to live off of the quote, “what if” and miss out on things in life.
What’s something you’ve wanted to do but never have? 💥
📷: @nicholasworrell

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