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Marissa Elise Rapone  Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. - Rumi

Portrait of a 4 month old who has discovered she can play with her hands. And regress from sleep. And steal momma & daddy's heart with that smile.

Reflection of a 4 month postpartum momma: This time last year I was walking around in a haze having just found out a tiny bb was growing in my belly. While I always knew I'd be a mommy someday, I also thought it would happen in the proper timeline of all the other big life events. The positive sign appeared and I walked into the next room and dropped to my knees while her daddy consoled me saying it would all be alright. (I also dropped to my knees when my water broke knowing it was all happening-- full circle.) It took me some time to forgive myself. I look at her now and all I see is grace, and light and pure joy. [All God's grace in one little face.] A beautiful gift I was somehow given in the vintage yellow dress I chose for her announcement that she'd be arriving in the springtime. She's with us now and I realize any altered decision made and she wouldn't be. How could I ever wish to change a thing? πŸ’› #4monthsold #adelinavienna

Congrats Lauren & Ben! Beautiful night for a lovely couple. Adelina had a great time at her first wedding 🐚 thanks for the fancy dress, Mimi!

Her laugh is the sweetest sound I'll be chasing my entire life. What a thrill! πŸ’–πŸ€ΉπŸ»β€β™€οΈ (I'll post the vid once I dl it off our camera) Happy 4 months, Adelina baby! You become more and more you every day and we're just here to be dazzled by your light. 🌸
Recent milestones include reaching for toys, touching your hands together, holding onto us when heldπŸ’—, turning on your side to sleep, following us around with your eyes πŸ‘€, ✨l a u g h i n g ✨, & a few shrieks of excitement. #4monthsold #adelinavienna

Spending the long weekend up in New England βš“οΈ Adelina's 1st time here🎏

Baby girlfriend. πŸŒΊπŸ‘£

Taken a week or so ago, but it makes me smile. πŸ“I feel like I just posted she was 11 weeks, and now she's 16 weeks. My goodness, holding her tight.❀️

Angel face, I love you so. πŸ•Š

Sweet summertime. πŸ“β˜€οΈ Poolside w/ my bb; epic homemade Indian dinner & basil gimlets by @albertbruckner & a new read that's πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ’. #weekends #recharge

Out of daycare and back in Mama's arms. πŸ’› πŸ’ŸHappiness all around.

Two days late but Happy 3 months my Adelina! 🌸

You love:
running your fingers through your silky hair, napping in your swing, holding your head up on our shoulders to look all around, sucking your fingers, scooting your body down, stroller walks in the heat, listening to mama & daddy talk
& waking up with so much joy!

You dislike: all pacifiers, being in a room alone, being away from mama & daddy too long, tummy time after 5 mins

You make life so much sweeter! πŸ’– #3monthsold #adelinavienna

This little love πŸ’— Trying on her nb size shoes that finally fit! (sort of) // Learning how to giggle at Daddy's funny faces. πŸ’« #12weeksold

Daycare Day 1. Thankful for flex work opportunities & a successful first half day for my girl. πŸ’•πŸŒΈ We went and bought these flowers yesterday to help ease the transition. // Also her first artwork -- watermelon footprints! πŸ‰ Oh so smitten.

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