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Meraki Fitness Gold Coast  🚫CLOSED

Flex it for the weekend 💪

We are so proud and honoured to have safely coached so many mumma’s before, during and after their pregnancy’s!
This is @violetsculls second baby whilst training with us, modified for her to keep her body and baby safe and healthy during this special time.
Here are a few tips if you are wanting to exercise while pregnant:
1. Always have doctors approval
2. Make sure your coach is pre and post natal qualified
3. Don’t take up a new sport, just continue what you were doing before you were pregnant
3. Modify movements and intensity to suit you.
4. Take care of your pelvic floor
5. Exercise should be about health when you are pregnant not about losing weight or achieving goals, moving the body is great for circulation, endorphins and keeps mum and bubba happy and healthy.
6. Remember everyone is different so if you can’t exercise due to high risk, focus on things you can do nourishing your body in other ways.
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If you can choose to be anything... BE KIND!
Be kind to yourself
Be kind to others
Just be kind!
You just never know what someone else is going through, how your words or actions effect people, be the positive change you wish to see in the word 💕
Hurt people - hurt people, so give yourself some kindness too, it might just be as simple as smiling at yourself in the mirror and choosing to smile at someone else today, share a compliment to yourself and to someone else today.
You could simply change someone’s life by showing that slightest amount of kindness 💕

Walking into the weekend like 💃 have a great Friday and awesome weekend Tribe! .
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Empowered women
Empower women
Happy International Women’s Day! .
#internationalwomensday #meraki #merakifitness #merakitribe #tribe #empoweringwomen

Don’t let yourself get in the way!
Everyone doesn’t have time - but we make time.
Everyone is tired - but we still show up.
Everyone has been injured - but we work around it.
Everyone has an excuse - but we are stronger.
Are you going to live in your excuse or choose to move forward and not let it hold you back any longer?

Find your tribe!
Love them hard 💕👊
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Last week we said farewell to our amazing coach @maddee_rose 😭
You will be dearly missed and we are so grateful for the time we had with you.
All the love and support to you and your family on your next adventure, make sure you visit when you are on the GC! .
#farewell #love #support #pleasedontgo #wewillmissyou

I’m Alive
Ready to SLAY the Day! .
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Just chilling, after some hectic workout this week 💪 .
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For many of us fitness is everything!
It’s what saved us.
It’s what keeps us going.
It’s how we unwind.
It’s how we release.
It feels good.
It makes us happy.
It’s a form of self love.
It’s a form of self respect.
Why do you love fitness?
Comment below...
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