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Veg Cheese Stuffed Kurkure
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Eversince I was a child, I always wanted to see fishermen in action. Woke up early in the morning while I was on a trip to Malvan, in Maharashtra. Fishermen are the most hardworking people I've ever seen.
It takes more than courage to sail a boat with no safety gear and in the Midnight. While having a conversation with these guys, they told the waves n tides during night are very high! But they still fear nothing and make it to a certain point to setup their fishing net/trap. As they don't have the luxury to use satellite phones or any kind of gps, sometimes they end up sailing far inside the sea where they come across the Indian Coastal Guards shouting at them to get back to the shore.
They lay their fishing nets in the Midnight, sleep on the same boat and wait until sunrise. They sail back to the shore where comes another bigger challenge. The boats they use weigh in tonns! Looks easy to ride on water but its a tough job to get that heavy boat offshore.

So the other fishermen who already got offshore go and give a helping hand to the boat that arrived. They use trunks from coconut trees, lay down on the sand, and this becomes easy for them to roll the boat over and get it on the beach.

Once they've properly parked their boats, they take out the heavy fishing nets and begin to pick out the fishes one by one...
They lay down a mat on the sand and throw down the fishes. Meanwhile, flocks of crows and seagulls gather around to steal these fishes, and to recue this situation the homie dogs come into the picture. These dogs run after the birds to keep them away from the fishes. As a goodwill fishermen feed these dogs with fishes.
Next the fishermen sort the fishes per their size and put them Into Tokris (Trugs). Then fishermen's​ wifes come along with the Carts, arrange those Tokris onto the cart and depart to the local market for selling the fishes. #sky #clouds #beach #food #nature #sunset #night #luxury #travel
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