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Merrilee Liddiard  Crafting a Playful Life | encouraging creative and nostalgic play with art, diy crafts, handmade dolls and a bit of imagination. |👇🏻


This past weekend we took some time to work on a few projects and I decided to finish transforming our vintage doll house into a doll’s stage. (You might have seen the progress in my stories). We’re happy with how it turned out and have been putting on magical performances ever since! New blog story is up with more info on it. (Including a link to see the “before” house). I knew I wanted to somehow install stage lights and curtains to make this a proper thespian play house. I had seen a number of doll houses, including a sweet crate turned doll house via @sofiaatmokkasin, where “window like” curtains were used– and therefore the perfect touch for a stage house. I then made stage lights from an ikea strand of holiday lights and I inserted a removable vintage repro of a painting for the scenery. It’s been so fun to see bitty bunny ballet performances and more! #mermaghouses

The house is quiet again with the boys back in school and just miss M and I in the mornings. And I’ve got the itch to move things around and redecorate. Thinking I might finally get around to limewash painting these walls. #thebanisterhouse

Keeping greenery up all Jan 🌿🍃 in #thebanisterhouse

All of her New Years resolutions for 2018 seem to involved baked goods. Did I mention she’s recently become obsessed with watching cookie and cupcake decorating diys? #icouldgetbehindthis 🍪 #thebanisterhouse

“Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.” - Thomas Spencer Monson .
Wise words from a loving man that I’m taking into the new year and applying to all my resolutions. We’re home from Colorado and finally getting over winter viruses and are settling down to begin our lists for the coming year. The kids are back in school and this will probably be the last day the tree is up. I have so much I’m excited about this year, but above all I want to be sure I put my loved ones at the center of it all. ❤️💫 Our niece is in the hospital today with an appendectomy surgery schedule after a ruptured appendix. Saying lots of prayers that all possible infection is cleared out and her recovery will be swift and whole.

It’s been a magical year 💫. Thanks for joining along. I’m super excited about what 2018 has in store! #bestnine2017

Not 100% ready to let Christmas go. #mermagchristmas (from last year) #thebanisterhouse

Seeing my dolls make their way to your beautiful homes and into the arms of your sweetest little ones has been such a joy this year. Thank you! Thank you! So excited to share what’s in store for 2018! | prettiest space by @kindisch 💫 #mermagdolls

Warmest Christmas wishes friends! We drove through insane blustery Wyoming winds (with snow blowing over the roads and poor visibility) and eventually made it safe to my brothers house in Colorado. We sort of felt like Santa 🎅🏻 on a snowy Christmas Eve on a mission to deliver gifts and joy. Nothing was going to stop us! My brother was so delighted! - we caught his happy dance on video but it got erased 🤦🏻‍♀️). And now we’re settling in for days with family, food and fun. Wishing you all the merriest! (Pic from last years Christmas) #mermagchristmas #thebanisterhouse

Only one more sleep till Christmas!

We had our early Christmas (best day ever) and are off to Colorado to surprise my brother. The kids still have Santa gifts and everyone’s pretty excited. Merry Christmas friends! May your day be joyful and surrounded by those you love. #mermagwings #dirtytoes

We’re prepping for an early Christmas with the kids tomorrow. We’re surprising my brother - who was recently divorced and all alone for Christmas - by showing up on Christmas Eve in Colorado on his doorstep with carols, treats, games and hopefully tons of Christmas joy!! The kids will get their Santa gifts that next morning (on actual Christmas Day) but Family gifts are being opened tomorrow. Eek I’m so excited! And I really hope my brother doesn’t have or check Instagram (so far as I know he doesn’t). Man do I love Christmas🎄. #mermagchristmas #thebanisterhouse

Thinking it’s a good day to be cozy and do some holiday baking. What are your favorite things to make this time of year? I need suggestions as I get stuck after sugar cookies ☺️. #thebanisterhouse

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