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Amazing friends! before I even had a chance to formally announce the restock of my map for @gathre, they had sold out! I can’t even believe it. I’m thrilled to be thinking of all wanderlust that will be going on in your homes, classrooms or even on the go with you. We are taking Atticus, our 12 yr old, to NYC for the first time (well since he was 18 mo) next month and I can hardly wait! What are your suggestions for kids in NYC? (Oh and if you missed out, don’t stress, another restock will be coming). #mermagxgathre

CAPSULE WARDROBE school carnival edition: oh my, nothing stops my feed dead in the water like not having a mother daughter capsule wardrobe illustration ready in time. 🙀 It’s been a busy week full of end of the year school activities and lots of illustration jobs. This one woman artist/motherhood/doll maker juggle is just crazy sometimes. And sometimes I feel like I’m failing at all of these titles. 😬 And sometimes I simply need the t-shirt jeans and tennis staples to run around in and a great studio apron to get all messy in like this one from @toast. And miss Milla would be set for summer and any fun carnival puppet performance in @yellowpelota’s darling summer line. These pants and cropped tank have my ❤️. #merscapsulewardrobe

Feeling nostalgic for last years summer #wjxmmsummernostalgia. Raise your hand if you’re in the mood for boardwalk beaches leading up to carefree carnivals, vintage carousels, long summer nights and childhood dreams that lasts forever?💫🙋🏻‍♀️

Schools almost out for the summer and I’m thinking it’s time to plan out summer boredom buster activities and crafts. We’ll probable pick a craft, recipe and place to go each week (some of you might remember our Summer Fun Jars). What do you like to do to keep kids entertained in the summer? #mermagcostumes #mermagcardboard

Thankful that these kooky kids call me mother. (And say that I make the best Mac n’ cheese 🧀. Yep, Killing it over here.). Happy Mother’s day friends. 😘

Playing with the barn today at #thebanisterhouse. Mabel (the dog) hopes she’s next.

Happy Wednesday friends. I’ve been working on a simple Mamma bird, Baby bird paper printable craft for Mother’s Day. Could be sweet for little ones to color, or just leave as is. Download via link in profile. (See little stop motion video in stories). #mermagmothersday #merillustration

There is small window of time when little ones can be picked up and fit just right and so snuggly in our arms. Our window is quickly coming to a close. so I’m taking every mamma moment I can to carry her. •

CAPSULE WARDROBE d a n c e e d i t i o n: Miss Milla is very fond of dance and her ballet class. You can always find her practicing her routines and will always ask Jon and I “did you dance?” when we come home from a date. 😍 I love @littlecreativefactory’s latest collection with their focus on dance. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. Bravo Cristina! Miss M would love the softness and flow of this ballet dress. And when she’s tired out from her arabesques, chassés and jeté’s, I’ll carry her home draped in @littlecreativefactory women’s (yes they have womens!) fairy coat. Oh and I’ve had my eye on @everlane’s new day glove shoe in mocha. Looks like it would wear as soft as a ballet slipper. (See more of the making of this illustration in stories- and now sold as a print in @merrileeliddiardshop) #merscapsulewardrobe #merillustration #mermagmothersday

Was such a beautiful day in May today. Could definitely feel the promise of summer in the air. Had me wanting to make more drift wood sailboats to sail down the river. How was your Sunday? #mermag

She’ll be growing out of this bed soon and my mamma heart can hardly bare it. 😢 She did tell me she wants to be a doll maker when she grows up though, so if that remains true we’ll get to play dolls together forever. 👭💙☺️ #thebanisterhouse

Happy 1st day of May! 🌿🍃 #thebanisterhouse #mermagxgathre

I’m finding that I want to freeze more pockets of time these days. Slowing down the moments of childhood imagination and play. This limited edition collaboration with @tortoiseandthehareclothing (where your child and her bunny can match) is such a special one. Speaks to me of mammas putting in thoughtful time and love into their pieces to help create those pockets of time for you and your children to make magic in these beautiful early years. To last forever even when time marches on. (Available now in @merrileeliddiardshop) #tortoiseandthehareXmerrileeliddiard