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Merrilee Liddiard  Play Creatively | encouraging creative and nostalgic play with art, crafts, handmade dolls @merrileeliddiardshop and a bit of imagination


Reminiscing on seasons past. I’m so swamped with deadlines but all I want to do is throw on Christmas music and decorate! Who’s with me? 🙋🏻‍♀️ #thebanisterhouse #mermagchristmas

A handful of limited edition heirloom Freja dolls are officially up in the shop today.
Freja is a friend to the end. She loves writing notes to friends and others letting them know just what she appreciates about them. She's a great listener and a sweet companion for whatever adventure you are on. She's also very good at telling exciting stories with a touch of magic and mystery in each of them. Pull up a cup of apple cider and listen along!
Freja is a smaller version of her oversized friend and stands at about 16" high. She has auburn hair tied in two side loop braids and wears a plum linen dress and brown maryjanes. She pairs it with a faux fur collar and a knit cap for snuggly seasonal weather.
This limited edition heirloom doll comes with a 4x6 illustrated collectors portrait card with her story on the back.


Happy November friends! I’ll be releasing a small batch of limited heirloom Freja dolls on Monday, 10 mst. in @merrileeliddiardshop. So mark your calendars! She’s one of my favorite ones I’ve ever made. Freja comes ready to snuggle this holiday season with a wool cap and faux fur collar. She’s smaller than the oversized dolls, and still perfectly huggable, at about 16” tall. #mermagdolls (sweetest bonjour diary dress turned skirt from @littlefrenchheartstore)

Have a happy and safe Halloween friends! 🍁🍂 #mermaghalloween #mermagcardboard

We brought home a Marie Antoinette style dress from @jacadi_officiel in Paris earlier this year for Amelia in homage to our Versailles visit. I’ve wanted to make a wig to go with it ever since. And as we are only slightly obsessed with Halloween (and often have multiple costumes each year) - I knew I just had to make one even if it was last minute.

I tried fabric and batting first but ended up going with paper, inspired by the insanely ornate and intricate paper wigs by @Asya_Kozina (swoon!). My friend Brittany of @houselarsbuilt also made one for a few years back that we love.
It’s fun introducing Amelia to new characters and she’s been going around telling people she’s “Monette” - her simplified version of Marie Antoinette. More pics on the blog today. #mermaghalloween

So many pretty fall leaves 🍁 in our yard just begging to be played with. #mersfairyfriends

Give all of your baby bats 🦇 lots of extra squeezes this Halloween! Before you know it they'll be grown up vampires...or swans 😉. #stillmybaby #mermaghalloween

I mentioned a few posts back that I'm terrible at photo journaling in print form but felt it was high time I start documenting things in a tangible way as my kids are getting older. In trying to go back and print I felt super overwhelmed at first - but then decided to pair it down to seasons which made things a lot easier and a lot of fun! I worked with @chatbooks to create a series of albums from our Halloweens and autumns 🍂 of the past. And now I'm hooked! I even put in all our DIY's so the kids could have an archive for their little ones someday. Now I want to do that for recipes - how fun would that be?! Onto Christmas next! See more of the books in stories and on the blog today. #mermaghalloween

We put together a swan princess costume for Milla last night and today (working up to last minute as per usual). We followed our favorite cardboard box costume formula for the base and went to town with paper feathers. See new blog story for a how-to as well as more from the making in stories. #mermagcostumes #mermaghalloween #mermagcardboard

Little five year old. You already seem sooo much older than 4. Must you grow my baby? I love the way you embrace the world, talk to everyone - like literally absolutely everyone - how curious you are and how much you love to learn. You are a scavenger and have a sweet tooth - you always find mammas chocolate stash (which I secretly always intend to share with you). You're the sweetest sister and a mammas best friend. Stay young little one, even as you grow. And always always dance. 💃 | favorite Bonjour Diary birthday shirt from @littlefrenchheartstore (i'm dying to go here in person next time I'm in Paris!)

We brought out Milla's mermaid birthday puppets to entertain the kids today during fall break. I've been working on the party pack for these but with so much to juggle I haven't finished it all yet. But soon! (if you can't wait for me to officially release with all the pretty pictures just DM me and I can get it to you sooner). We're going to decorate some of these with leaves just like our nature fairies - can't wait! #merillustration #mersmermaids

Autumn light 🍂is my favorite